Friday, September 1, 2023

"We're On Our Own' A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Tau Ceti Session Report 1

 "War is hell. The super-jungle is hell. Put those two together and you just know there's zero chance of finishing your tour alive..."  - Corporal Mike Simms, 3rd Marine Division

So I'm just getting back home now from lunch with friends & we're discussing the "The September Group" aka Сентябрьская группа who became a major force within our Hostile rpg campaign. The group is made up of veteran power armor & mecha pilots. This brings us to Tau Cheti and the fact that the Сентябрьская группа  have been there as 'advisors'. So we are caught between the 
And we've been using China Sea War to pad out some of the Tau Ceti action! We came in with two converted 'Tramps'  and our own mecha. And the Chinese forces quickly broke contract. 

We're not sure what's happening but there's been trouble up North on Tau Ceti. We used Walker designs our own creation straight outta of Moontoad publishing's Vehicle Design Guide. 

Now we're on our own and without backup. The marines are already hunting us and the Chinese have broken contract. And the fauna are hunting us as well. Did I mention that the plants have acidic sap too!? And did I mention that Ares Defense Contractors has ties deep in with the marines! 
The weird thing is that it was actually the Vietnam colonists and soldiers who helped us out. And we picked up contract with them! And we've taken out two marine tanks before moving deep into Tau Ceti under jungle. 

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