Monday, September 4, 2023

Back To The Starship Warden?! - Using Cepheus Engine Rpg & Stars With Number rpg Together - Operators, Thieves, & Tramps

 "They designed the Starship Warden to house, feed and clothe over a million people. To do this the designers outfitted this massive ship, miles long and miles wide, to serve as a home for people offering up quarters and cafeterias, restaurants, and malls all intermingled with a host of features to mimic earth-like conditions, from artificial lakes to fields of crops. Her maiden voyage began with hopes and dreams of a future like nothing humanity had ever seen."

"But that was long ago. There has been no contact between the Warden and Earth for many long years for on the ship something went horribly awry. Radiation leaks, singularity, mutations, madness, what it was, only the inhabitants could say. Whatever it was, her inhabitants, those that lived, dwell in a world of want and despair, and when they were not preying upon one another, they fight beastly mutants, cyborgs, self-aware robotic humanoids and all the other creatures who vie for the precious resources of the beleaguered starship."

"It is your time now. Rise in the chaos of the Warden and bend its apocalypse to your will -- or be ground away in the lonely quiet of deep space."

So we've been tossing around a Fall OSR campaign and with Cities Without Number it doesn't take a genius to figure out that we need to pick up last Fall's campaign. The Warden was launched from the Transplutonian shipyards by a conglomeration of mega corporations. And then the 'Conduit gateway' between Earth and the Clement sector collapsed. The Earth sector corporations and governments have kept the fate of the Warden from the headlines.


The Warden has become an urban legend floating in space. The USS Goya was a richman and his party of salvagers attempt to salvage the legendary ship things didn't go as planned. Now the USS Goya has been added to the urban legend. 
The operators are gathering intelligence on the Goya's data from several pirate resources. 

And this brings up the fact that Earth sector agents want to have the PC's heads if anything hits the media. And this is where our party's Cybersneaks are getting in deep already. 
The PC's have uncovered the fact that there are several black technologies aboard the Warden. Advanced cloning technologies, unknown robots, and more mean that there's a gold mine of artifacts aboard the Warden. Most of these are from the Starship Warden book itself. The rest of the artifacts are coming out of 
the  Mutant Future [BUNDLE] From Skirmisher Publishing

Stefan Wright of Nutech is paying for this expediation & the PC's are going to have to aquire a vessel modified to look unassuming but actually is going to be crammed with some stealthy options. Most likely an  Opportunity-class Light Trader or another Earth sector trader vessel. 

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