Saturday, September 9, 2023

Memories of the Past Into Modern Campaigns From B/X Dungeons & Dragons

 We have the weekend and it's been one of both play as well as reflection. The Basic & Expert Dungeons & Dragons sets were in my hands again. And one of the most handy things to have is a Lists of Dungeons & Dragons monsters by edition Seventy Nine Through Nineteen Ninety Nine.  This gives a definitive monster listing across the board for B/X and other editions of D&D. 

The Expert set was the big score for many of us playing Basic and the Expert was the big upgrade. Expert introduced a host of new monsters, rules and materials. The B/X set back in the Eighties allowed us to expand outward. And the module that came with this set X1 Isle of Dread was so instrumental in the old days. 
Today the B/X set allows the DM to do a 'beer & petzels' mini campaign very quickly. Isle of Dread has a bit of everything that I love especially my Pulp interests. 

By turning Expert on it's ear with X1 we can easily place it within a post apocalyptic campaign as is. The sweeping mysterious island, the prehistoric lifeforms, etc. it all fits the asthetic of a Gamma World or Thundarr The Barbarian campaign like a glove. 

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