Friday, September 8, 2023

Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg - Green Horde Attack! Session Two Report

 I haven't had time to blink wrong over the last couple of days let alone do a session update. But let's get deep  into it. This blog entry picks up from here. 
The player's PC's got into a fire fight with some Green Martian hordes at the outter edges of the Tegel Manor valley. And one of the PC's got a taste for exactly what the radium rifle ammo can do. Now there are two different Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number groups of players exploring the manor. And no I'm not explaining why there are two different versions of the manor at this time. 

The players made it too the dead sea bottom & managed to snag some weapons, ammo, and more from the dead Green Martians. They didn't have long as the Green martians about five of them had formed a 'blood squad'. And then closed in for the kill. They picked off two our operators quickly. They weren't dead but in rough shape. 
And then the Greens broke off! The group limped back to the manor house and ran straight into a party of Martian low landers who were preparing to trade with one of the villagers. 
There was a very heated series of rolls for languages and then telepathy. The player's PC's were able to get to a local Martian scientist  who worked under  Ras Thavas
There was discussion about the bad reputation of the Tegel Valley and how the locals think it's haunted. Anything coming out of the valley is attacked by the Green Martians. 
Ninety Nine percent of all of our Mars info is coming straight outta of  Warriors of The Red Planet. 
Thrivu Burr the low lander Martian village the PC's met up with a pair of  displaced Martian nobles.   Hemaza Dee our princess turned thief & Nazaa the space noble who is masquerading as a warrior. These two will be taking the place of our two operators who are on the mend for about 4 months. 
These two come straight out of last May's Warriors of the Red Planet rpg mini campaign. Two of our players don't want to be out of the action so they pulled out two older characters. 
These two older characters have cybernetics and not Martian parts so they are pariah among Martian society. 
The party of operators is considered  a party of panthans. A panthan is a Martian soldier of fortune. The low lander villages consider them as a vital resource but among places like Helium and other royal cities there could be trouble. The party exchanged thier Green weaponry for low lander weapons. 
What the players don't know is that 
 Hemaza Dee our princess turned thief & Nazaa the space noble both have a 'blood debt' on thier heads from a clan of Deodanths. 

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