Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Red Alert, Red Alert, Using Cepheus Engine to Set Up An OSR Gerry Andersen U.F.O. Style Campaign


  • Ed Straker: Imagine a dying planet in some distant corner of the universe. Its natural resources exhausted. Its inhabitants sterile. Doomed to extinction. A situation we may one day find ourselves in, gentlemen. So they discover Earth. Abundant, fertile. Able to satisfy their needs. They look upon us not with animosity, but callousness. As we look upon our animals that we depend on for food. Yes, it appears they are driven by circumstance across a billion miles of space, driven on by the greatest force in the universe - survival."
    U.F.O. 1970

    I was asked if it's possible to run a cultclassic U.F.O. style Cepheus Engine rpg campaign. The short answer is rather easily. And two Cepheus Engine supplements spring to mind both from Zozer Games. One of course is 
    Attack Squadron: Roswell
     & the other is  
    1970s 2D6 RETRO RULES
  • Let's say that in an alternative 1980 Earth has expanded deep into the solar system. Rockets and Cold War tensions are at an all time high. 
    And then the saucers come rolling in. Various world powers begin noticing nefarious goings on. The perfect backdrop piece for all of this is 
    Orbital 2100
    . The Soviets begin to really have problems as the saucers begin tearing into thier colonies. Here's were Kosmos68 enters the fray. This sets up interstellar events for our solar system. The West & the Soviets at each other's throats.

  • For outlandish vehicle I recommend Moontoad's 
    Vehicle Design Guide
    . And build up the solar system forces from there.
    Outpost Mars for Cepheus Engine
     has some excellent undercurrents for ruins on Mars and even more Exo adventures on the 'Red Planet'. And when it comes to filling in the rest of the Solar System. 
    We don't want to add to many rpg irons in the fire but Solar Sagas is another excellent rpg resource for this campaign. And this is just the start. And this will enable us too build out even an alternative Earth for Hostile as well. 

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