Thursday, September 7, 2023

Review & Commentary On The Coner-class Trader By Michael Johnson From Independence Games

Derided by some as the ugliest and most unreliable ship ever made, the Coner (pronounced as “Connor”) is a common sight in both Earth Sector and Clement Sector.  Despite the many downsides of the ship, the Coner has a dedicated following of people such as the Coner Owners’ Association, who love the much maligned little ship.  The 200-tonne trader is an inexpensive option for many who are willing to put in the hard work and elbow grease to keep the little ship running.  These owners often have their ship colored in loud colors, modified from stem to stern, and with all manner of personalization both within and without. "

"The Coner is often used as a “starter ship” and could easily be used by a Referee for a group of new players who need a ship with “character”.   Featuring deckplans by Independence Games’ Starship Guru Michael Johnson and art by fan-favorite Ian Stead, the Coner is presented with loving detail for a ship that is both beloved and hated throughout colonized space." 

 Are you ready for a challenge?"

Every Clement Sector, Earth Sector, Cepheus Engine, & old school Traveller rpg adventurer needs an inexpensive & yet high class trader ship! Here's where The Coner-class Trader By Michael Johnson From Independence Games  comes into play. The Coner class trader is a trader ship on a budget and it's definitely an adventurer's ship in every sense of the word. The manufacturer's history even bares this out;" In 2265, StellarTech completed the first of several significant milestones with the commencement of the construction of their first commercial starship, the Coner-class trader which was completed in record time. Even given the short design time and the number of setbacks, this versatile vessel promised enhanced efficiency and cargo capacity and the widespread advertising campaign quickly attracted the attention of free traders who plied their trade in the outer colonies and fringes of explored space. Sales were expected to be excellent, and they were, especially given StellarTech’s already excellent reputation as a component manufacturer." 
The Coner class isn't exactly the fully functional trade ship especially with the older models having some Zim drive issues. This gives Coners excellent ships for adventurers to get deeply involved with.  There's a complete room by room breakdown of the Coner. Micheal Johnson's writing is up to it's usual standard. 
In only thirty three pages we get a fully formed & integratable trader with a fully formed history, variant Coner ship types, and much more. StellarTech went bankrupt but this has left millions of Coners in service. And millions that have been modified for the dark frontiers of the Earth Sector & the Clement Sectors. 
And this also means that the chance of encountering a Coner are exceedingly high. I've got a soft spot for these boxy little jobbies of a trade ship and they are well suited to the Space Western asthetic of the Independence Games product line. I love the design and feel of these boxy little adventurers ships. Ian Stead & Michael Johnson bring a unique feel to the Coner while proving an excellent little adventurer's ship. 

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