Friday, September 22, 2023

Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg - Beware The Cybernetters - Session Report - Legion Facility

 The PC's managed to beat back the bandits last game session and found out that they were actually guardian  androids. The party tracked the Cybernetters to an unknown facility along the Great Lakes. And then we flipped to the other operators who were in the facility. They awoke in a cybernetic operations theater & they managed to free themselves right after the android guards came in! And they ran! 

This facility along the Great Lakes ties back into the one that we see in GW1 Legion of Gold! And the other operators who were crawling along the lake shore in the marshes ran smack into a group of muntant braves from the White Feather tribe. The two parties managed to come to terms fast in the dark just as another two cybernetters were leaving the facility. 
The mutant NPC's & the party then broke into the facility through a duct leading into the swamp. The White Feathers tribesmen are looking for thier breathen scouts who were kidnapped by the cybernetters. 
The PC's entered another part of the Legion's cybernetic chop shop and came face to face with innocent  mutants & humans in Cryo. The party also came face to face with a White Feather scout party who about to be turned into Legion warriors. The party managed to free them and get them thier weaponry and equipment that was nearby. 

The party's cybersneak and thier secondary decker Lunatic Leo wanted to jack into the mainframe of the facility to download valuable intel. And the rest of the party including the White Feathers thought this was a really bad idea. We had another player join up our party who was a straight up "Thundarr the Barbarian" style  barbarian. 
And the other party had been crawling through the duct work & the operators came face to face with a facility cyberworm! And this led to the party falling through a grate into another part of the facility. More Cryo stasis tubes and literally hundreds of frozen mutants. Here's where 

Issue #75 of Dragon magazine, 'Mutants, Men?, & Machines' By Roger E. Moore came into play again where the operators came face to face with several mutant species that they deemed valuable. Holograms were taken, information was downloaded, and then they were attacked by facility androids! And this is where we ended for the moment. 

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