Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The HOSTILE Situation Report 009 - Extraction - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Tau Ceti Session Report 5

 Right I haven't been on Facebook in two days because of real life however when I logged on this morning Paul Elliot had sent me the latest Hostile Situation Report #9 - Extraction. The set up goes something like this; " The mining colony's a bust and the company has decided to pull out. The lawless colonists will be left to their own devices, but behind a screen of frightened soldiers, the last four corporate executives need to be extracted from the landing field. Oh, and don't forget the final shipment of precious endopalladium waiting in a warehouse nearby. You've accepted the contract... but when you arrive you realise the situation is anarchy... Now what? " 

These events pick right up from here on the blog with the PC's meeting up with the bounty hunters from last game. The party were invited along with the bounty hunter's party for the extraction which was taking place in the Tau Ceti system's mining colony. 
Yes we're changing the venue but keeping the gist of the world; " In the Hostile setting, this world is LR806 (FOM 0806), orbiting the binary suns of 81 Pegasi. It is a dry, bleak little world, with scattered lakes and a mining population of 12,000 that, following a plague and then a famine five years ago, descended into controlled anarchy" 
So we're keeping the bleak little world and the lakes with the colonial population. And the colonial population is at the breaking point. The PC's are scheduled to meet up with the creepy android scientist NPC from last session. 
Things have broken down on Tau Ceti five  colony because of Chinese corporate efforts including sabotaging the grain and food stuffs of the colonies. Colonists are mad, bad, and very desparate! 

And this leads into the PC's working with the Coldwell group who are   the September group's rivals. I rolled these NPC's up using Zaibatsu & Moontoad publishing's Bounty Hunter's Handbook.The Coldwell Group is modified for working on the harsh enviroments of Tau Ceti Five & the dangerous environs. This includes the horrid parasite that drives men mad when it burrows beneath the brain stem of the victim. And yes this totally a homage to Star Trek Wraith of Khan. Hence why the creepy android scientist is there again. We'll get into Roddy model of android next time. 

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