Monday, September 18, 2023

Further OSR Monster Thoughts On Horde Wars Basic D12 Rpg System By Blackwall Games

 To tell the truth I've been dropping the ball on Horde Wars Basic rpg as of late. Sure we reviewed Horde Wars  here on the blog. And Horde Wars Basic is an excellent game & my only reserve about has been being able to put time aside to spend more time with it. The D12 system is very well defined & Horde Wars itself lays out the rpg rules very nicely. And one of the things I love about Horde Wars Basic is that it's a complete game unto itself.

Monsters are actually highly dangerous and able to hold thier own against adventurers. Take for example the Zombie Runner; "
Zombie Runner [Monster] Defense: 6 Hit Points: 12 Land Speed: 7 Combat Spaces Size: Medium Fitness Reflexes Senses Willpower +3 +3 Protection: Blunt, Cold, Umbral Immunity: Disease, Paralysis, Poison, Toxic Perception: Standard Skills: +4 Athletics, +2 Combat, +2 Investigate, +2 Stealth Traits Flanker You deal an extra die of damage against Creatures that are adjacent to you and at least one of your allies. Undead You ignore Morale. You do not need to eat or breathe and cannot benefit from Healing. When you are reduced to zero Hit Points, your body falls apart. Actions Bite [Natural Weapon] Make an Attack for 1d8 Toxic Damage. If you damage a Creature with a Critical Hit, he gains a level of Affliction. Claws [Natural Weapon] Make an Attack for 1d10 Slashing Damage. You score a Critical Hit on an Attack Roll of 11 or 12." The D12 system make it really easy to get the PC's into the action. and those familar with the 'world's most popular fantasy role playing game will be on similar but not quite the same ground. Key differences between D&D style  games and Horde Wars Basic is that Horde Wars has it's monsters and NPC's with loads of flavor. 
There is a campaign setting baked into the midst of the monsters, treasures, etc. all with the Horde Wars confines. Monsters have umbridge when it comes to adventurers. The adventurers are set up to face the monsters and NPC's within Hord Wars Basic. The monsters and NPC's of Horde Wars Basic have agency and reasons to harm adventurers. Plus there's expansion of the treasures and artifacts belonging to the monsters and NPC's. Giving further agendas for interactions between the adventurers and the monsters.  More to come! 

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