Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg - Beware The Cybernetters - Session Report

This post follows up quickly on the heels of this post here on the blog

In the category of killing two birds with one stone I've sent my crew of operators after  Tegel Manor. The manor itself is taking the player's PC's over to a post apocalytic world. And this is where last night's encounter begins. 

Where the player's operators ended up is a whole other  story. The party observed a city across the lake from thier current position. 
Immediately there was the sound of hoof beats and the PC's were attacted by mounted knights! 
And they defeated the knights only to reveal that they were infact andoids! 

The players began to talk among themselves and grabbed the horses. The party's Doc immediately got to work examing the horses noting the 'locked DNA' of the animals. And these horses were clones as well. 
Come sun up the party headed out to explore determined that it was Summer in the Great Lakes region of North America. They rode to the beach at the edge of Tegel Manor valley. 
And almost immediately were attacked by Gamma World Rpg first  Gamma Terra cybernetters! This is a call back to last year's Thundarr The Barbarian Gamma World game here. 

And as the party were exploring along the shore they came across the carcass of a Legion of Gold cyborg. The biological flesh had rotted away leaving the bio cybernetics exposed. And while the operators were examing the corpse an unknown series of robots captured Doc, Street Samurai Sarah, Houser thier scout android, etc. These were the Cybernetters! And they made short work of half of the operators! 

Issue #75 of Dragon magazine, 'Mutants, Men?, & Machines' By Roger E. Moore featured the Cybernetter & it's an excellent monster to follow up on the hijinks of the Legion of Gold classic first edition Gamma World  module; 

"CYBER-NETTER NO. APPEARING: 1 ARMOR CLASS: 1 MOVE: 18 HIT DICE: 20d6 (100 hit points) % IN LAIR: Nil ATTACKS: See below 
TYPE: Robot 
POWER SOURCES: Nuclear plant
 SENSORS: Standard, infrared, ultraviolet at 2 kilometers
 CONTROL: Only by a specific permanent cybernetic installation
Adventurers in the Great Lakes region of North America have reported a new, apparently post-holocaust robot type that is occasionally found as far as 200 kilometers from Lake Superior's shorelines"
The operators were captured by unknown 
Now half of the party is split with the other half trailing the Cybernetters back to thier lairs! 
And here's what the party found out. The Cybernetters are nuclear powered, they are in constant communication with thier cybernetic installation/lair. They can follow them by thier power sources. The net's the cybernetter  use have an ultra strong webbing. 
Now the operators are tracking the netters back to thier bases along the Great Shore Lakes region. 

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