Friday, September 1, 2023

The September 1st Launch of The the USS Cygnus Mission- Dr. Hans Reinhardt The Rise & Fall of An Interstellar Genius & Pioneer For The Hostile Rpg

 'I will take you all too the stars & beyond!'  Dr. Hans Reinhardt at his TED talk on 2110. 

Dr. Hans Reinhardt;" The word "impossible" is only found in the dictionary of fools" 

On September 1st the USS Cygnus mission was launched from Earth to Talu Centri 8 colony to link up & the go deep into interstellar exploration. This of course was a part of the Cygnus foundation's 300 billion dollar corporate exploration program. This cost was picked up by the average corporate profits. 
Each of the mega corporations contributed to the mission and the international media critics savaged Reinhardt for making the mission seem like an interstellar priority. The USS Cygnus mission promised incredible advances in technology. And then the USS Cygnus disappeared into the pages of history. 

The USS Cygnus did create advances in FTL technology, hyperspacial calculations, robotics, cybernetic implantation, and more. The Cygnus construction and disappearance was one of the contributing factors for the  Second Recession. And the resulting technological and finincial collapse created cause on Earth and the construction yards of Talu Centri. The fact that megacorps have yet to achieve the technological feats & devices from before the Second Recession is telling. 

There were those who claimed that Dr. Hans Reinhardt was a meglomanicial psychopath & yet no trace of the crew FTL exploration vessels has ever been found?! Only recently has a trace of a single USS Cygnus hull plate been found in the event horizon of a 'white hole'. 
This underscore's the loss of the loss of the highly publicized 
 USS Palomino mission that was backed by Tharsis Heavy Industries. The Palomino was done mapping several colonizable area of interstellar space; "In 2130, the spacecraft USS Palomino has nearly completed its mission exploring deep space. The crew consists of Captain Dan Holland, First Officer Lieutenant Charlie Pizer, journalist Harry Booth, ESP-sensitive scientist Dr. Kate McCrae, the expedition's civilian leader Dr. Alex Durant and the diminutive robot V.I.N.CENT. ("Vital Information Necessary CENTralized")." Both Dr.Kate McCrae & V.I.N.C.E.NT. were trained in the Soviet Union under the direct supervision of Dr. Avandrov Kluniskei. The Centralized units and preceeding generations of cybernetic organisms were created by the Russians along with the psychic circuits. 

The USS Cynas mission sealed the fate of giant corporate sponsored PR interstellar PR missions. Dr. Hans Reinhardt was a reneissance man of the highest caliber but he became the face of 'space mutiny' when he ignored the order to return to Earth! History will continue to remember him as the face of those pioneers of space exploration. But also as one of history's greatest polymaths &  conmen. 

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