Friday, September 29, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary On Penney Tower By J.G. Desborough For The Wretched New Flesh Second Edition Rpg

Penney Tower was just released at the Red Room store, @biggeekemporium

and . It will be available later at in softcover. Penney Tower is a city sourcebook and an alternative location for the world of Wretched New Flesh, inspired by JG Ballard, and authored by ."

Penney Tower s a hard creation to get a handle on because it harkens back to the early days of the OSR & even in some early repects the appearance of The Red Room. The video by Grimjim basically covers the most basic aspects of Penney Tower. Penney Towers takes place in alternative & yet all too familar world of a JG Ballard universe. Penney Towers is a world unto itself where it's strange inhabitants have become literal residents and citizens for all time. Because Penney Towers is different every time you play it.

First of all when it comes to a physical copy of Penney Tower make sure you've got a copy of a Tarot deck handy. Not only is the Tarot necessary but absolutely vital to getting the full effect of the adventure/resource book's impact that is Penney Tower. Pay attention to the video for vital clues that make up this adventure location that is Penney Towers. 
And Penney Towers loses itself deeply in the themes of  The  Wretched New Flesh Second Edition Rpg & JG Ballard's Science Fiction & Fantasy creations. Alienation, the Seventies brutalism asthetic, the weirdness of the Science Fiction, and even the deep horror of the Penney Towers itself. And trust me the horror is right front and center at the level of some of the classic Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg adventures. 

Penney Towers could be an alternative Wretched New Flesh second edition setting or simply another universe intruding on the reality of Aviladad. And it's the latter that we'll be going with. And Zonetec would have an absolute field day with Penney Towers. And a party of Zonetec enforcers might not make it out of the towers. 
And then the next question becomes could they?! 
If the reality Penney Towers London intrudes on the time period of Wretched New Flesh then the weird Seventies Ballardarian vibe of the place could begin to infect reality. Slowly the 'weirdness bacteria' of the Towers begins moving out into the surrounding neighborhoods. 
While Wretched New Flesh second edition rpg is weird Penney Towers takes this weirdness is a whole other level. Because each and everytime it's a literally different place. 

 Penney Tower By J.G. Desborough is well layed out, the fonts are easy on the eye. And the themes are creepy enough for many different gamers and hobbyists to really get an idea for this wacked out adventure location. James does an excellent job bringing his flair for Ballard and translating it into a full on Seventies world unto itself called Penney Towers.And for the Red Room crowd who loves thier Science Fiction and fantasy different grab this one! Well worth the 10 dollars and Penney Towers isn't someplace to stay but it may just become your PC's home. 

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