Saturday, September 9, 2023

The HOSTILE Situation Report 008 - Life Cycle - A Zaibatsu/Hostile Mini Campaign On Colony World - Tau Ceti Session Report 2

 Let's pick it up from last Friday's session report on the blog  During this afternoon's game I decided to shove the player's PC's into deeply the alien jungle & then use HOSTILE Situation Report 008 - Life Cycle. The PC's got the assignment of ; " your infantry team to drop into the depths of an alien jungle, avoid enemy patrols, meet up with commandos returning from a long range patrol, and escort them back the pick up zone. Just a routine mission, right?" 

"But the commandos aren't too happy about being led by the PCs. The enemy seem to all around them. There is a mysterious scientist accompanying the commandos. And a couple of those guys don't look very well, at all.  It's not so routine, now, is it?" 

The PC's managed to grab the scientist that were assigned to. That's where the commandos came into play. The 
"The September Group" aka Сентябрьская группа who became a major force within our Hostile rpg campaign saved the commandos from the Chinese. Events were taking shape.The HOSTILE Situation Report 008 - Life Cycle material is just enough so that the player's PC's got deep into the warzone. 

The PC's are now sharing camp with the cammandos. And they don't  like the fact that the soldiers are very, very, sarcastic. 

And boy the player's don't like the commandos at all! 
The PC's don't know that the scientist they saved is actually running an experiment on the PC's themselves.
Things are very quiet and the night is filled with highly dangerous alien animals and plants. 

 The HOSTILE Situation Report 008 - Life Cycle materials are very well put together. And it has interesting possibilities. 
There some great Pulp perspectives that the DM can inject right into thier Tau Ceti campaign.
The threat is very real, the material within Report 008 is well put together. And it can kill off even an experienced Hostile group of player's PC's. 

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