Thursday, September 28, 2023

Stars Without Number Game Session Four - Phaseworld & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Campaign - You Can't Go Gnome Again

 The job from last session from the Engineer and his mafia bosses is a seemingly simple one. Take this genetic material to a Gnome asteroid colony for transport. In return we upgrade your ship, sell you weapons, and provisions. The players are not stupid so thier cybersneaks started checking for a 'gene guy' to check out the material. PC's were looking for viruses and bioweapons snuck into the sample of the material they received. 

This whole part of the session became a cat and mouse deal between the Lakota crew and the house mafia of Circus,Circus. The player's PC's hired Mr.LingKosmonik who looked over his intergalatic tarot and saw that the signs were favorable for him to work with the PC's. 
The genetic material checked out. So where the catch?! The catch is that the material belongs to a rival faction of 
 Gnomes who have lost the 'right' to reproduce and are at war with another rival faction. 
The PC's could end up within the sights of a Gnome rail gun and seemimgly on the outs with powerful mining concern. 
And of course the PC's took the job!

Yup oversaw the upgrades, provisions, and even the weapons ammo for this job. There was never any unathorized drones, droids, or personel from Circus,Circus, near the Lakota. 
I kept  Trey Causey's Strange Stars. And his OSR Strange Stars  rulebook handy and the Lakota departed Circus, Circus, & gate jumped into System 76/6 which is Gnome controlled space. Seven very large gas giants dominated the system. They headed for the largest past debris and several wrecks of ships. They transmitted thier codes and waited. A small transport came from the largest asteroid to meet them. And they had a weapons lock on them the whole time. They met the Gnome transporter and courier who took posession of the material. There were no real words exchanged. The players wanted to get out of the area as soon as possible! The Gnome's ship departed and the crew of the Lakota left Gnome's space. And that's when they spotted some sorta of small ship tailing them. As soon as they got within sight of the system gate they activated thier ace up thier sleeve thier Drivebox. The catch?! They have no idea where she'll take them! 

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