Saturday, November 6, 2021

Where Void Knights Fear To Tread - Carcosa, Cha'alt, & White Star - Campaign Session Report

 So I'm taking a break behind the screen to play in someone's else's campaign specifically an adult game of White Star Galaxy edition. 

So let's talk White Star Galaxy Edition & the fact that DM Steve has been running a White Star game campaign for some time now. And he's been using it with LoFP's Carcosa for many years now. The beleaguered adventurers & the  Star Knights have been trying to keep the peace in a post interstellar war ravaged galaxy. 

Take one part Babylon Five with Carcosa taking the place of Z'ha'dum & we go deep into part of this campaign. The evil empire is beyond in tatters & the whole galaxy has become an outlaw zone with formally stable planets up for grabs by criminals & pirates. But in the background something ancient & Lovecraftian is out maneuvering undermine both the Void Knights & the Star Knights. 
Carcosa holds part of the answer to this & events have been moving along at pace. I'm not been playing in this campaign because of the fact that my work schedule interferes with my ability to play. 

And then DM Steve introduced Cha'alt as a sort of short cut setting for Cha'alt's own brand of Lovecraftian void knights. There isn't many details at the moment but will know more tonight. 

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