Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Crusade of the Sand Bros - Neon Lord of the Toxic Wastelands Combined With Venger Satanis's Cha'alt - Session Report #4


The events on Cha'alt have kicked things into high gear as the galactic federation have gotten wind of the PC's capturing a Elysium sand harvester last game. They making off with the contents! This has gotten back to the owners of the sand harvester! And they want the party's heads on pikes! 

Meanwhile the party is back in the city of A'agrybah trying to get a handle on the 'cosmic coke ninja' that put the party up to job in the first place. And now according to our party's 'cosmic barbarian ' the adventurers  on the hit list of the 'Sand Bros' ! 

The player's PC's have the sand harvester stashed safely with some locals who happen to resemble 1984's Fremen from David Lynch's Dune. The party's war wizard 'Wheezel' has made a deal with one of the demonic clown worms to keep the harvester safe. Yeah that's right the party's war wizard made a deal with a demonic clown worm! 

The party is thinking of hiding out in the 'black pyramid' until all of this blows over?! This is really questionable logic but the party were on death sticks at the time. How does all of this tie into Venger's  Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows Kickstarter?! Well I'll have to wait till payday to find out coming up! 

Can the party of adventurers survive?! Will they survive?! Do they even deserve to survive given the amount of Eighties pop culture & counter culture references that I have to endure every game session!?! 

Lord Randy Be Praised! 

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