Saturday, November 13, 2021

OSR Commentary Invasions From Beyond Using Night Owl Workshop Beasties & Colonial Trooper's Knight Hawk

A collection of monsters, creatures, strange beings, traps, and encounters compatible with the Original Fantasy RPG and similar systems." 

"Beasties is a fantasy bestiary supplement compatible with the original fantasy roleplaying game and subsequent editions, and other “OSR” games that follow in the mold of the original like Colonial Troopers, Guardians, and Warriors of the Red Planet. More than just a manual of monsters this book includes ready made NPC’s, traps & tricks, a mega-dungeon adventure synopsis and random encounter tables."

27 Monsters
6 NPC's
37 Drawings!
5 Maps
1 "Megadungeon" sample" 

Beasties by Night Owl has more then a few uses when it comes to modifying out monsters for use with space oriented games. There's some real potential here to use several of the creatures in Beasties has some solid uses with a space dungeon & easily if used with Nite Owl Workshop's other games such as  Colonial TroopersGuardians and Warriors of the Red Planet. This is especially  true of Colonial Troopers. Where the bugs or xenoforms have deep connections to the "Flying Locust Citadel". 

The bugs have continued to evolve & change they as they integrate themselves into a variety of my fantasy & science fictional campaign settings. These entities are infiltrating themselves via meteor & asteroid penetration into these world settings. 

Dungeons are created from the alien invasive species emerging from falling rocks from space. Many of the mega dungeons, adventure locations, ruins, etc. could be generated  from the machinations of the xenoforms landing from beyond. This means that worlds such as Greyhawk or Blackmoor could see these  Bugs popping up all over the place. Or could it be that their scouts are already here?! The humble Ankheg from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual springs to mind here. 

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