Thursday, November 4, 2021

Illegal Passengers - Combining Troll Lords The Starship Warden & Empire of the Petal Throne With Gary Gygax's S3 Expedition To The Barrier Peaks


The alien races aboard the Warden have been there since the mid point from the interstellar journey. If we're crossing Troll Lord Starship Warden rpg  over with  the early past of  The Empire of the Petal Throne' rpg. The Human Space Empire was on a jag of exploration & discovery as well as colonization. This jag of exploration also brings up the Warden's science vessel from S3 Expedition To The Barrier Peak by Gary Gygax. 

This vessel has been collecting alien lifeforms throughout the Warden's mission. And these life form later on cause havoc on Greyhawk or within  your campaign. A great example of this is the Frogmouth who is one of the more infamous lifeform. The jungles of the Warden are infested with mutant life forms & those alien life forms blend right in.  Now an advanced adventure option might be Goodman Games 'The Captain's Table' to bring this to the table. 

The Slann or the 'enemies of mankind' are only one example of aliens aboard the Warden. The life forms are absolutely alien & another possible visitor that the Warden or its vessels may encounter is James Ward's Dark Visitor adventure. This could be a pre crash Warden Science Vessel continuation adventure. Since the Dark Visitor adventure is system agonistic its a simple matter to include it as a part of a Warden campaign loop. 

We know that the 'Slann' had an extensive planar gate & tunnel system. The Human Space Empire may have inherited this system or tapped into it. The collapse of the system when Tekumel disappeared also affected the Warden as well. This could also account for the trapped alien life forms on Dark Outpost & Dark Colony as well.  All of this jumps back to the circumstances aboard the Warden. 

These lifeforms go hostile as soon as they realize on an instinctual level that they are trapped! And trapped well beyond the point of return. This may lead to becoming an invasive species or worse settling in as the boogey men of another world such as the bullette from S3. 

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