Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dust Up In The Cloud Giants Market - - ACK's Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks rpg - Session report Two

 There's something about the Terran Empire in Adventurer.Conqueror, King's  
Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu™ (BCK). The more I read the less I like them, why?! Because the Terran Empire are lying interlopers  from another plane of existence & they're fleeing something nasty. But the Terrans are there to explore, exploit, & connive the Hell out of the players PC's.  The Terran Fleet is something that the player's PC's have run into twice while exploring & the Terrans are quickly becoming dangerous antagonist NPC's. 

The PC's were at the 'Cloud Giants market'  an alien Type II market place on a nearby planetoid that is hosted by 'The Cloud Giants'. An ancient humanoid race that hold domination over this sector of space. The cloud giants used to have dominion over a vast stretch of interstellar but that was eons ago. Now the cloud giants merely control a sector of space. They host an alien market place and have for decades now. And the PC's were in the middle of it picking up power couplers for their ship. 
And they ran into the Terran Empire's envoy & her entourage who were there to secure power crystals, sundries, and you guessed it power couplers. 
The Terran envoy's bodyguards were sporting scout armor & were scattered throughout the crowd. The PC's picked up clues about the ongoing 'bug' infestation 4 sectors away. But they decided to let the power couplers go after seeing the scout armor! The party secured several sources for space ship parts and managed to divide an assassination plot against one of the market place Cloud Giant officials!

 They stopped the sniper team  in time as one of our party's gecko men trackers made short work of said team. The snipers proved to be Gnolls from 'The Chaos Collective' a group of radical chaos worshipers who thinks that chaos should be allowed to roam free in all forms. The Cloud Giant's market offends them. They use a radical form of Chaositech to make themselves into living expressions of chaos & destruction. 
The Cloud Giant official was so grateful that he gave the PC's a map to a nearby space wreck that has an incredibly powerful weapon hidden within. That's coming up next week! 

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