Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mail Call! Emperor's Choice Arduin Grimoire Bundle (Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-9!) Unboxing

Hoping that your Thanksgiving preparpation has gone smashingly! I'm very appreciative of having a roof over my head, four squares a day, a job, and a hobby that has given me some amazing friends & opportunities. And this little beauty came today. so excited to have this package! 

Lo do I see the Arduin Grimoire Bundle (Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-9 in my mail box today! Excellent turkey day reading material kids! 

 As soon as Emperor's Choice reared its head, I yanked out a kickstarter pledge and ordered  Arduin Grimoire Bundle (Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-9!) from their new website. Man, I've been waiting for this watching the mail box for some weeks while others have gotten their orders from Emperor's Choice ( good for them may they enjoy bloody, bloody, Arduin!). But looking over opening this beauty she packed really well. Emperor's Choice did an amazing job packing my books nicely! 

And there's the Bloody, Bloody, Arduin goodness right there all Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-9! And since I paid for these out of pocket their all mine for unleashing mayhem on the players PC's coming up! New monsters, magic items, adventure twists, and much more

This has everything that a DM could ever want for running a complete Arduin campaign for years & years to come! The main rule book lone 'The Complete Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-3' is worth the price of admission. But then add to that the rest of the package & things get really interesting. The first three volumes of the Arduin Grimoire really showcase optional material to add to the 'grand game' for the players. Dave Hagrave's additional grimoire volumes add even more depth to the Arduin setting & campaign world. And its this second avenue that I've been vying for now for a long time. 

There's something uniquely dangerous about using the additional grimoires that seems to fly in the face of the traditional classic era of TSR Dungeons & Dragons. The home brewed aspect of Hargrave's creation & his willingness to say to the DM, 'Here just try this and see if it helps or hinders your home campaign'. 
There are so many little details & bits of Arduin weirdness that seem to reveal themselves as you read these grimoires. And thank you Emperor's Choice for the editing of the Grimoires along with the larger type fonts. The truth is that this collection is going to make creating & running adventures much easier for me coming up. 

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