Sunday, November 7, 2021

Foot loose In The city of A’agrybah - White Star Galaxy Edition & Cha'alt Session Report #1


 During last night's White Star Galaxy Edition game session  my 1st level pilot Hermes Tralley went up two levels in last night's game as our party confronted a whole nest of galactic scum. Our party are members of the SS Raider a modified Spacelinker salvage ship. We spread out in the city keeping in constant communication because of the criminal nature  of the city. No way were we going to get blindsided by the city of A’agrybah. 

We were on Cha'alt to recover the body & space yacht belonging to the owner of the Tirus corporation. He had crashed out in the desert outside of A'agrybah  after buying an illegal cargo from Elysium. The locals haven't touched the shipwreck because of the sand worms. The wreck is five hundred miles from the 'black pyramid'. We're supposed to meet our Cha'alt contact who had the maps that we needed. Our party found our contact alright with his throat slashed & the bloody claw print on the chest of the victim! The deodanth bounty hunters of 'the Black Blood' clan had struck! They murdered the victim in cold blood & left the maps behind to bate the PC's. 

Deodanth artwork found on twitter!

As soon as we left the apartment we were attacked by street scum! Blaster fire was exchanged & our party made short work of the street scum & made it out of the ambush quite intact thanks to our star knights. And the alien mystic we had in reserve. We decided to make contact with the illegal underground gods market in the city of A’agrybah. The Deodanths would stick out like a sore thumb & we also wanted to check on any illegal murders of local Cha'alt elves. The next thing we wanted to do was check in with the local crime syndicates & information networks. We might be staying on Cha'alt longer then expected. 

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