Monday, November 8, 2021

Review & OSR Commentary On 'Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector' By Michael Johnson For The Clement Sector(Cepheus Engine rpg) or Old School 2d6 Science Fiction RPG's

 "Designed to excel!

Robots are a common sight in Clement Sector.  They are often seen taking on not only the jobs that humans, altrants, and uplifts cannot do but also the jobs where biological lifeforms are unwanted.  Often seen as tools and machines rather than entities, few care if you endanger the existence of a robot.

Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector provides you with a detailed design sequence that allows you to create robots of all shapes and sizes.  With Artificial, you can create everything from a common cargo loader to a state of the art synthetic companion.   Anything from the average cleaner bot to a biosynth avatar of your starship's computer AI. "

"Artificial also provides a method to play a robot as a player character.  Play anything from an efficient robot butler to a dangerous warbot!

Artificial is designed to be compatible with Clement Sector, Cepheus Engine, and any science fiction setting where robots are present.  

It's time to create!"

Clocking in at one hundred pages of artificial A.I. & robotic guideline goodness for the Clement Sector. And this supplement Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector By Michael Johnson fits the bill quite well. The Clement & Earth sectors use all of the A.I. bells & whistles from the Cepheus Engines rpg. Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector takes the Cepheus Engine guidelines & turns the volume up to eleven then breaks the knob off. What this book does is allows the DM to create any robotic & A.I influenced life forms that they want.  


The Clement Sector is balls to the wall high end technologies & this includes cybernetic & robotic lifeforms. These guidelines extend what was laid down in the Clement Sector rulebook & the core setting books. What Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector  does is push the envelop by presenting the rules & guidelines for all sorts of robotic or cybernetic lifeforms. But it also presents rules & guidelines for androids as well. All of the robotic staples for the Clement sector are here and their presented well. The Clement Sector books are some of the best unofficial original Travellers rpg books & supplements to be published. Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector isn't any exception. 

Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector not only offers the guidelines & rules for creating you're own artificial lifeforms & robots. But it also offers you the opportunity to use the factions & groups built up around the Clement Sector setting. Take for example; 'The Sanctity of Belief This anti-robot and AI group primarily operates within the Hub and Sequoyah subsectors. Known to have Caxtonist roots and with strong evidence indicating it is funded by Kingston-based backers, The Sanctity of Belief is the extreme expression of the deep distaste of all artificial life according to Caxtonist religious teachings. The trademark sword through a stylized robot head symbol is always painted near an area the group targets giving them the derogatory nickname “pointy heads” by popular media throughout the two subsectors, belying the seriousness of their actions.' 
Its not hard to see how this group or faction could impact your own Clement sector setting campaign. This is going to be especially true if you've got an android adventurer or pilot on the party's pay roll. And this is one of the rpg factors that adventures & campaign have to balance when playing within the Clement sector setting. 

Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector is both campaign & adventure setting sourcebook that plugs directly into the Clement Sector & the Earth's Sol sector themselves. And this is one of the marks of a good solidly done sourcebook. The book isn't over done at 100 pages. 'Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector' By Michael Johnson is a must have book for the Cepheus Engine DM or Player who wants to liven up their Cepheus Engine rpg with an artificial or robotic PC! 

 'Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector' By Michael Johnson For The Clement Sector Is Available  Right Over Here! 

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