Sunday, November 7, 2021

Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars by Jason Vey & Tim Brannan Rpg & B3 'Palace of the Silver Princess' By Jean Wells & Tom Moldvay OSR Campaign Commentary

 B3 'Palace of the Silver Princess' By Jean Wells & Tom Moldvay has an adventure location lost and frozen in time. Now what would happen if this module echoes its circumstances on our modern Earth?! Can you imagine what might happen as B3 Palace of the Silver Princess's  spell weaves its way towards Earth?! 

 Now let's pick it up with someone possibly one of the player characters being the 'chosen one' ala Nightshift's PC classes. They've been plagued by terrible dreams & nightmares. They are drawn back to Haven  a small pocket dimension plane or demi plane. The waking world & the dream realms were never meant to meet. Chaos storms begin to rage across the Earth and they bring with them all kinds of problems including the rise of the supernaturals. 
The rise of the chaos storms across the Earth brings the monsters from Haven  onto the local time space continuum. And this brings home the fact that this allows the Fey of Haven to walk on our Earth. 

This isn't the first time I've covered this module on this blog. You can find out more here.  The Unreality of the Misty Swamp brings home that all is not right on the demi plane of  Haven. And it well might come down to the wizard of Haven. 
The wizard is someone taking full advantage of the plot using it to establish his own other dimensional domain hellscape. The wizard might be from Hyperborea, the leader of a powerful faction of a  Lovecraftian chaos cult. I'm still tossing this around in my mind but the events of the Palace could recycle themselves over and over again. This makes Haven & its environs a weird pulpy sword & sorcery location with lots of old school potential.

The local supernaturals are going to be dealing with some real hard core fall out from Haven even if they take care of ending the out of time cycle. The story book like feel of  B3 'Palace of the Silver Princess' By Jean Wells & Tom Moldvay hides the deadliness of the module. There far more going on beneath the surface within the module. Because the module situation feels like there's been far more seeded by the wizard & perhaps a cult of chaos. 

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