Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Hulks & Horrors Redux - Some Thoughts on Space Dungeons - Adventurer, Conqueror, King's Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu (BCK), Colonial Troopers, & Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks


So  last night after getting back from our Neon Lords of the Wastelands game we had after the game talked about space dungeons & the guys mentioned the Hulks & Horrors rpg. And why I'm I bringing this game up yet again?! Well because of the fact that it has some of the best OSR tools for creating massive space dungeons & hazards randomly.  H&H is  all about 'Dungeon Crawling or more appropriately a lost starship, space station, pod colony, science complex and ruined city crawler. You name it for interstellar OSR action  and H&H has the tools to do it. For 'space dungeon' generation this is one of the strongest OSR Science Fictional or Science Fantasy rules sets. So is there a down side to Hulks & Horrors?! Well  Hulks and Horrors could  be described as D&D/AD&D in space (with the THAC0). And for many of us old schoolers THACO isn't a problem. 
And that gets into our on going ongoing 
Adventurer, Conqueror, King's  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu™ (BCK) & Colonial Troopers crossover campaign that's been on going. I'm going to use Hulks & Horrors to randomly generate a few of the space dungeons for our ongoing game. 

Space Dungeons are one of the things that my games happen to thrive on & Colonial Troopers has any numbers of space station models for games. The players have expressed thoughts on doing various types of colonies & especially alien  ruined cityscapes. And H&H has the tools to do it. Converting between systems could be problematic for some folks. Not me this goes back to working with 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. 
When I mentioned Colonial Troopers there was a sharp intake from one of the players because Colonial Troopers Knighthawks came up. Why?! Because one of high level PC's played by Rob is actually the king who first discovered the on going bug infestation. Rob wants to mobilize his fleet to investigate & destroy an incoming bug fleet. Rob wants Sir Brenden to lead from the front. What the players don't know is that this trap that could be sprung on them when they least know it. All is not as it appears with the bug fleet. And this is where the space wrecks at the edge of the sector actually hold far more answers. Colonial Troopers definitely has its strong points. 

And for weeks now I've been drawing in the players with hints & doubts using psychic clues & bread crumbs from Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks. 
What are the Terrans really hiding?!? Can the PC's find out before its too late aboard a plague ship bound for Hell?! And why are the cloud giants complacent about giving the PC's the map?! The older I'm getting the more I'm coming to appreciate space dungeons for what they are death dungeon locations in space. 

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