Friday, March 19, 2021

OSR RPG's On The Brain - Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg By John Cocking, & Peter S. Williams From Flatland Games Diving & Digging Down Further

 "Travel with us through sunken lands...
In the common rooms of the great city’s countless inns, in the bathhouses of the merchant quarter, and before the altars of a thousand gods, brave and desperate adventurers meet and make plans. They leave every day and seek their fortunes in the Sunken Lands

Lots of times, we want to play a roleplaying game but just don’t have the time for all the prep work involved. No more. Through Sunken Lands is a kit to make a motley crew of ruthless sellswords, gifted sorceresses, and cunning thieves, and send them off in search of gold and glory. Now we have this simple swords and sorcery roleplaying game that gives a group all the tools they need to play an exciting adventure in a single evening, no homework, no fuss."

We've got a new player Manuel whose going over ' Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg' By John Cocking, &  Peter S. Williams. '  These are very easy to learn PC rules allowing each player to take up a separate booklet & then create their PC's as they go. The setting is purely immersive Sword & Sorcery with the book clocking in at two hundred &  pages eighteen pages plus booklets. Now I'm working off of a pdf & not booklet here. But many of the elements such as the Sword & Sorcery setting elements are very much in the Michael Moorcock vein. The Sword & Sorcery is there but not over powering like within the High Fantasy of Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. 

' Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures' Rpg feels like an adventure game that takes the OSR elements seriously but through the lens of the authors in a way that makes play very drag & drop. Could you emulate Corum or Hawkmoon or even Elric?! Yes to a degree here but the impossible city of Jundarr and the Hundred Seas is a place where the eternal champion would feel right at home. So would Conan for that matter. This game is a synesis of all of the systems from Beyond The Wall into a lens of Sword & Sorcery. There are bargains to be cut with dark powers, dungeons of vast size, and monsters awaiting in the darkness. Ruthless sellswords, gifted sorceresses, and cunning thieves, all get their own PC path books & their due. 
The t
hree Scenario Packs: the Mysterious Island, the Treasure Hunt, and the Wizard’s Tower give just enough Sword & Sorcery action to kick off a campaign right away. Once again its the drag & drop tools of 
'Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures' Rpg 
 that make the game stand out. Is this a strictly Conan style Sword & Sorcery game?! Certainly not! The thing that makes it stand out is way it presents itself. This is a mix of several OSR & other rpg styles plus materials that let's 
'Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures' Rpg stand out from the rest of the pack of OSR games. Because in many ways this isn't strictly an OSR game within its DNA & rpg systems  or play this isn't a bad thing. Can 'Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures' Rpg  emulate Stormbringer rpg Sword & Sorcery?! Certainly with all of the dark occult bells & whistles including demon swords, powers of chaos, etc. My group of players isn't ready to give up Stormbringer or the OSR anytime soon. But 'Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures' Rpg is well worth the price of admission. 

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