Sunday, March 7, 2021

'Playing Out In The Rocks' Cepheus Engine Rpg Session Report - Among The Population & Into The Bloodsoaked Jungles

 This session picks right up after last week's game with the prisoners erm player's PC's circulating among the general prison population. DM Steve's PC wasn't captured along with the PC's he working with  the Allard Technologies  legal department who have sued The Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation. This comes  over Allard's Technologies  loss of assets, personel, & disputed their claim on the star gate on Mercury all  of this corporate legal play comes straight out of Zaibatsu From Zozer Games. 

Meanwhile the PC's have been getting a real education among the prison's population about   the Martouk Experimentation & Research deep connections to the 'Renew movement' that's sweeping some of the lower teir colonies on Mars, Earthside, & parts of central North America. The idea of the Renew movement is simple A.I. clone driven serial immortality for the rich & powerful recording not only the minds of the clients. But also their whole sale souls through a combination of psionics & clone driven organ replacement. Certain prisoners are being sent off world to work in the mines of Mars & the Renew movement's cyborgs are freezing other prisoners for disection. Martouk is trying to isolate the psionic compodent in the human mind. 

 Renew  also has a very dangerous eco terrorist driven cult aspect to their cybernetic & gene punk cyborg programs that the 
Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation has picked up from their purchase of  Mental  corporation assets. 

The PC's squared off in several nasty VR simulation encounters  using Camp Cretaceous to find out what the party knew of the stargate or some of the information from  the  'The Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky' ship because the Martouk doesn't have access to the star ship. The corporate world courts & the space authority decides the fate of the  'The Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky'.  The players believe that there's an A.I. controlling the vast underground prison that their in. They have no idea where it is though. 

The PC's ran into a group of half Grays among the prison population & then it a thousand questions about their crashed ship in the desert.But they have no idea where the prison is but they did bring the player's PC's into their psionic clutch. The players were able to root out a 'wide awake' NPC  agent among the prisoners that were trying to get close to them. 

The PC's were yanked back into the VR tanks & subject to a bit more 'adventure' simulations & encounters but this time were able to resist with the hybrids help. The 'Warden' wasn't amused & yanked the two players PC's into a prehistoric survival encounter! The PC's were eventually taken out of the VR simulation by a strange looking well dressed royal of some sort. He addressed the 'Warden' got the PC's into medical for a complete work up after two days (game time) of running for their lives. 

We ended the night with the PC's in medical getting patched up & with some new friends. The royal NPC is well connected in the corporate world apparently & was generated using issue #73 of Dragon (May 1983), entitled "Relief for Traveller Nobility" by Paul Montgomery Crabaugh. This is a great article for both players & DM's who want to add a bit of original Traveller royalty to their PC's. It can easily be used for the Cepheus Engine rpg for adding a bit more royal blood to the mix. 

Happy Ninety third birthday to William F. Nolan co author of Logan's Run. 

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