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Review & Commentary On More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels for 3G3 By Greg Porter (Author), & Darrell Midgette (Illustrator) From Blackberg Tactical Research Center

"More Guns! takes over where 3G3 leaves off. It does the design work for you, and provides complete stats for over 500 guns and melee weapons for each of eight separate role-playing systems: TimeLords*, CORPS*, Torg(, MegaTraveller*, Cyberpunk(, Twilight: 2000*, GURPS( and the Hero System(. It truly is a weapon supplement from Hell.

In addition, the conversion rules for each system have been expanded for even more detail, with numerous examples and technical notes to provide inspiration for your own designs and conversions. Now it's even easier to do it all, with 3G3 and More Guns!"

 More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels for 3G3 By  Greg Porter (Author), Darrell Midgette (Illustrator) is one of those books that  took years & years to locate. This book finally came into the collection after a trip to Florida where two copies came home into the archives.  More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels  is another of those books that was way ahead of its own time in many respects. The rpg landscape of '93 was a lot different then the hobby is now in many ways.  More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels  is a product of its time. There was no OGL or D20 revolution as the moment that this book came out. The 3G3 system especially this book is one of Greg Porter's strongest design & writing works. Because  More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels is broken down into  three major sections - Archaic Weapons, Modern Weapons, and The Future. And its done in such a way as to hit all of the rpg systems that the book is designed to catter too. TimeLords™, Cyberpunk 2020®, GURPS®, Hero System®, Megatraveller™, Twlight: 2000™ and Torg® are all serviced within this two hundred & thirty two page book. What's ironic is how 2021 is celebritory year of Hartford Connecticut's Samual Colt the inventer of the Colt 1873 Single Action Army Revolver More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels for 3G3 By  Greg Porter not only covers this weapon. But gives several systems to handle it within the Archaic Weapons section.

 A system perfectly tuned to handle Victorian Era or the Wild West for Cepheus Engine rpg. More Guns: Weapons for all Tech Levels is also a perfect add on for running an adventure like Michael Brown's Twilight Trails The Timber Beast. Because its simply take More 3G3 & the adventure with Cepheus Engine then play. All of the weaponry is at the DM's finger tips. 

The archaic era section is clearly etched in with fire arms that are very much suited for other Cepheus Engine Wild West games such as Independence Games Rider Wild West system & setting. More 3G3 gives enough of a range of historical guns to cover almost any eventuality of historical gaming for the 1900's. 

More 3G3 really excels in the Modern era section which is perfectly suited to Twilight 2000 and contemporary Eighties or Nineties  style games. And it does this by both introducing period weapons & guidelines for creating those weapon types harkening back to Guns!,Guns!,Guns!, but also covering a plethora of weapons material within its pages. A common critism leveled at More 3G3 is "As with 3G3 (Guns, Guns, Guns), not as "realistic" as it tries to be. Stats for several of the systems included doesn't match the right numbers. Good, but could have been better' from the comments on the More 3G3 section of Rpg Geek. To which I say to Hell with it because it suits my campaign purposes. I mean the More 3G3 covers Civilian Pistols, Machine Pistols, Civilian Rifles, Military Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, and heavy weapons. 

Let's talk about Baggage Books Empire of Time again here with the Future section which also covers Civilian Pistols, Machine Pistols, Civilian Rifles, Military Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, and heavy weapons. And the reason for its inclusion with Empire of Time is the 'Guns That Never Were' section. 

More 3G3 is perfectly suited to alternative timelines & worlds because of its 'Weapons that Never Were' section  which makes this perfectly suited for alternative historical periods. But periods that have never been or fragments of time periods as well. This is a concept that appears with DC1 Proto-Dimensions Sourcebook, Volume 1. So More 3G3 is ideally suited for the Dark Conspiracy rpg. 

If More 3G3 works for Dark Conspiracy then its gonna work very well for the Hostile rpg setting. The guns can easily be used for a wide variety of colonies, setting, and more. The stuffy horror filled interiors of Hostile's star ships are not the ideal places to hear the ring & report of the guns of More 3G3. 

If you can't tell More 3G3 is a favorite of mine & its got a very clear place at my table top. Given that its ideally suited to our on going campaign. 

More Guns: Weapons for all
Tech Levels for 3G3 Is Available Right Here 

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