Saturday, March 13, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On Patrons of the Frontiers of Space By Joseph Mohr From Old School Role Playing For the Cepheus Engine Rpg & Old School Traveller

 "This is a supplement for use with Cepheus Engine.

Patrons of the Frontiers of Space is a list of 100 potential patrons for use with my "Frontiers of Space" published previously. These are patrons specific to the Sonora sector of space but they could easily be modified for use elsewhere."

Joseph Mohr is one of those writers & designers whom sleep is another whole cloth luxury. Every couple of weeks he comes up with a new supplement, adventure, campaign or adventure add on for either Cepheus Engine or OSRIC. Such is the case with his Patrons of the Frontiers of Space a 'pay what you want' forty three page NPC  patron book for the Cepheus Engine rpg. 

Basically Patrons of the Frontiers of Space is a perfectly served up patrons book in the spirit of the classic original Travellers rpg book. It gives a bunch of patrons for your adventurers & hooks to get your Cepheus Engine rpg campaign & adventures rolling. And there are lots of room for NPC double dealing & weirdness to be added into the Cepheus Engine rpg campaign setting of your choice. Patrons are one of the back bones of classic Traveller & Cepheus Engine. Mohr brings some solid choices for adventurers here. 

For the Cepheus Engine rpg Patrons of the Frontiers of Space is core & key a way of turning the adventure starter of the campaign engine for the game. NPC patrons allow adventurers to have access to everything from equipment out of their range. To key NPC's as well as hiring the adventurers for situations that the partons don't want to find themselves in.  Patrons of the Frontiers of Space gives a solid take & selection of just these while giving the DM excuses for getting the adventurers into situations way over their pay grades. 
If your looking for incredibly high standards in layout & artwork look else where  Patrons of the Frontiers of Space is pure useful tool box NPC's from right out of the gate for the Cepheus Engine rpg. The layout is no frills, the material here is bare bones, & its very much exactly what it says on the tin. And that's fine. 
For my purposes  Patrons of the Frontiers of Space is key turn tool box fun for my campaigns for the Cepheus Engine. Can Patrons of the Frontiers of Space  be used in other Cepheus Engine rpg supplement settings besides the author's original space opera Cepheus Engine campaign?! In a word, very much so, Patrons of the Frontiers of Space  is designed with other use built into its DNA. 

For example  Stellagama Publishing's These Stars Are Ours could have all kinds of loose mid range corps working with any number of front men patrons. These can be fronts for many of the Gray's interests with the humans who are the new up & coming powers after the interstellar wars. 
For Independence Games's Clement Sector books & setting are being invaded by outside forces. 
 Patrons of the Frontiers of Space represents a threat to the established order of regular patrons. These can be  NPC  folks with clout in the affairs of the intergalatic world stage who are offering the adventurers opportunities for adventure or missions of all kinds.                                             

Patrons of the Frontiers of Space for Zozer Games Hostile represents the 'outside's influence' growing because of the importation of forces far outside the circle of the current crop & influences of the corporations.  Humanity in the board room & the streets are vulnerable to the mere presence of royals or some other corporate entities within the universe. 
Patrons of the Frontiers of Space  perfect?! Far from it but its lot better then it has any right to. As a 'pay what you want' adventure it lives up to its own shadow that it sets down for your campaign to use. I'm glad I downloaded Patrons of the Frontiers of Space 

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