Thursday, March 11, 2021

OSR RPG's On The Brain - Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg By John Cocking, & Peter S. Williams From Flatland Games

 "Danger and glory await the bold...

In the common rooms of the great city’s countless inns, in the bathhouses of the merchant quarter, and before the altars of a thousand gods, brave and desperate adventurers meet and make plans. They leave every day and seek their fortunes in the Sunken Lands.

Travel with us through sunken lands...

Lots of times, we want to play a roleplaying game but just don’t have the time for all the prep work involved. No more. Through Sunken Lands is a kit to make a motley crew of ruthless sellswords, gifted sorceresses, and cunning thieves, and send them off in search of gold and glory. Now we have this simple swords and sorcery roleplaying game that gives a group all the tools they need to play an exciting adventure in a single evening, no homework, no fuss."

Confession time not one of our players nor any of our DM's has ever played nor even heard of Beyond the Wall (BtW) from Flatland Games. We've got a new player Manuel who turned us on them especially Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg By John Cocking, &  Peter S. Williams. 

Only recently has Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg By John Cocking, &  Peter S. Williams slid across the digital pile of PDF's. Here's some of my initial impressions about this rpg right from the get go.. Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures clocks in at two hundred & nineteen pages. This is a massive pdf that a friend bought for our group claiming it was right up our alley. And we  tend to agree with him. The whole cloth game reminds a reader  of the fact that the setting being part & parcel are the campaign world. The book has the feel of an early  Roman era Sword & Sorcery empire similar to Adventurer, Conqueror, King but without the up one weirdness of the Stormbringer rpg. And this is a good thing because the rpg isn't trying as hard as the classic  Stormbringer rpg to amp up the weirdness.  Sword & Sorcery or Sword & Planet is great but the player has to have a human touch stone to want to play the game. We come to love Barsoom through the eyes of John Carter an Earthman within a strange world. Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg draws the reader/player  in with impressions, ideas, etc. but does so at a good rate. The Sword & Sorcery is there but not over powering like within the High Fantasy of Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. 

The material here in the first half of the Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg By John Cocking, &  Peter S. Williams gives solid information & seems pretty well thought out. And it definitely gives that Sword & Sorcery paperback feel to it. But at two hundred & nineteen pages of information this is gonna take a bit of time between four campaigns currently. Through Sunken Lands and Other Adventures Rpg has the feel of classic Sword & Sorcery fiction or Seventies Savage Sword of Conan but will it's system pass the grade?! We're gonna take our time with this rpg on Swords & Stitchery. 

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