Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Review & OSR Commentary On Lobo Blanco By Patricio González The Free Michael Moorcock Elric Fan rpg

"In this game you take the role of adventurers who pursue their own commitments and, during their journey, encounter numerous situations that escalate in intensity. Will you side with Law? Or Chaos? Can you survive to achieve your dreams? Or will you rest too long in the comforts of Tánelorn the Eternal?"

 There are not enough hours in the day to sometimes cover all of the games & retroclones take for example Lobo Blanco. Clocking in at over 219 pages of Micheal Moorcock Elric weirdness Lobo Blanco is a game that really tries to take everything we've seen before & repack it a system that works for eternal champion play. Oh did I mention that this is a free down load? Lobo Blanco is a dice (Primarily d8),skill based (buy or gain skills), & trait / Aspect Based (personality affects gameplay) motivated system. Lobo Blanco is centered around the world of the Young Kingdoms from the ground up. It motivates the players with a very well done system that works well for its Sword & Sorcery style of play. 

Lobo Blanco is a love letter to Michael Moorcock's Elric world setting & the eternal champion mythologies crafted over Moorock's writing career. The system while a bit dry emulates just the right amount of weirdness & solid strangeness  of the Young Kingdoms. Is Lobo Blanco trying to replace the classic Choasium Stormbringer? Hell no! What its trying to do is to bring the Young Kingdoms to gamers who might not even know it exists. And no its not its not  Mournblade rpg or that lines books at all. Lobo Blanco takes its own path & strives to create its own mark on the world of Sword & Sorcery gaming. There's a bit of PC customization going on within its bounds & it strives to build on it. Remember the mythologies that Moorcock created & how it Pulpy origins pull right from the classic writers that Mr.Moorcock grew up reading. 

So what does this mean for the DM looking to start a Lobo Blanco campaign set within the Young Kindgoms?! Well you get everything & we mean everything you need to pick up and play within the download from the ground up. You can literally download Lobo Blanco & with an IPad start playing with dice & friends! This is very appealing because of the drag & play aspect of the game. The layout, the system, & pretty much the entire book or is it two books because you get a black & white as well as a colour. 

Is Lobo Blanco perfect?! Not at all & for really bringing home the weirder aspects of Young Kingdom magick. I'd add in the Bronze Grimiore from the Elric rpg which has some of the best flavor of the Young Kingdoms magick that have been seen on the table top level.  Yes this is from 1994 but its cracking useful at the table top level especially for adding in that elusive Young King's weirdness & wild to the magick system. 

Lobo Blanco isn't perfect but as a fan created Young Kingdoms, Elric, eternal champion emulator, & complete rpg system package this is a chaos god sent in many respects. 

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