Sunday, March 14, 2021

ZZ7729 The A.I. Entity Puppet Master Behind The Curtain In The Talon Sector & Beyond For The Cepheus Engine rpg


So tonight zipping through Effing Cool Miniatures page here & after watching an interview with John Popson. There's a great miniature for an enforcer bot that's perfect for my game's big bad A.I. whose straight out of Cepheus Atom rpg The Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation is rumored to be run by an A.I. from before the Fall of Mankind called ZZ7729. ZZ7729 is a full equipped war bot intelligence from before War of Wishes. 

 ZZ7729 Unique Warbot A.I. 
100 Hits 
Move 20 Meters 
Armor 16
lasers 3 including central eye range 3d damage each 
micro missile launcher in chest ranged 5D may affect up to three adjacent targets at once 
Combat 3 Physical -2 Technical -2 
No Asimov inhibitors 
Behavior wild & free willed 
ZZ7729's units are in all Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation deep research facilities. These units over see all day to day operations as a shard part of the greater sum of the ZZ7729's A.I. entity. The ZZ7729's A.I. entity is interested in destablizing the Earth empire current climb out of its technological Dark Age. The 
ZZ7729's A.I. entity is interested in the psionic potential of the human race as a part of its hyperspacial research projects.  ZZ7729 has been paying & equipping space pirates within Terra space half way across the galaxy. 

The ZZ7729's A.I. entity has been collecting information on the ancient metamorph bio weapon hives that the Reticulans have used against their ancient enemies in the past. Today the Reticulan empire considers these bio weapons far to dangerous to use against its enemies. 

On Earth the A.I. devil weaves his cybernetic technological 'gifts' in the form of the Renew movement. An ecological death cult where the worshipers minds are recorded & their souls are transfered to androids & clone bodies all in the name of keeping the resources & Earth's bio sphere intact. 
ZZ7729 reads the dreams & minds of its worshipers in V.R. trying to learn every last secret & psionic weaving to determine the destiny of mankind. A destiny intimately tied into its own sick & twisted control. 

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