Sunday, March 14, 2021

'Playing Out In The Rocks' Cepheus Engine Rpg Session Report - Bought & Paid For With a Bullet Back Up..

After getting out of medical the PC's are put back into general population of their underground prison. The PC's have been put to work assembling a  Martian commerical  star ship fleet &  compendents in tele VR through worker bots. The star craft are The Harbinger series of star ship  from Zozer Games Crew Expendable. 

So this session report picks up right were the last session left off with the player's PC's taken into a pychic hybrid  Reticulan clutch. The PC's have discovered some of the secrets of the fortress prison that their in.  The Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation has been trying to look into the dreams of the PC's. Their minds however have been compartmentalized with them  having a rest period inside the Gray prisoners's heads. The Martouk cyborg are taking several of the PC's through prehistoric VR simulations from encounters  using Camp Cretaceous

The Warden (think number two here from the classic Prisoner TV series) is trying to break the party in VR. There is psionic activity going on but why?! He brings the party into his office with the usual threats & what not. But then his superiors inform him that the party's contract & sentences have been bought by another corporation!?! 

This was not the mysterious royal from last game but Cayzee another lizardman trader from beyond the Talon sector who put up the capitol for the party's contracts. This is the clutch mate to our party's NPC friend. These traders have close ties with 
 the Allard Technologies  legal department. 

The sentences for the hybrid Reticulan miners also held prisoner are also bought as well. A law suit for the return of  'The Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky' star craft is on going. But the PC's were to be returned for medical for a memory wipe. But this was stopped by a motion from Allard Technologies. The New England Bouys have now been assigned to a Harbringer called The Lecrischeuk near the edge of Mars. They'll be working with Dr. Allen a Grey hybrid whom Allard Technologies just aquired in buying up the sentences of the player's PC's. 

Dr. Allen is working on a revolutionary Maser technology that could give Allard Technologies the edge in outer system mining. Its actually from 'The Dragon Issue' number #91's article by Paul M. Crabaugh called Masers & Cameras from July 1981.

The New England Bouys are now being transfered by truck to Allard Technologies & they will be given a complete work up by the medical divsion of the tigers. To make sure that the Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation has not left any cybernetic surprises on the PC's. The Martouk Experimentation & Research corporation 'Renew agents' are already gunning for the PC's so its only a matter of time before they clash. Allard is pulling tiger agents from both Maine & Europe for future missions.  Here's where corporate shadow play comes straight out of Zaibatsu From Zozer Games. 

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