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Review & Commentary On Guns!,Guns!, Guns!, By Greg Porter of Blackburg Tactical Role Playing Group For Eight Different Rpg Systems

"Guns!, guns!, guns! (3G³ for short) lets you design custom weapons for virtually any roleplaying game. Design realistic weapons in a universal format, and convert the stats to the system you like best, or even between different systems. In addition to the overall conversion guidelines, there are now detailed conversion notes for Corps, TimeLords, MegaTraveller, Cyberpunk, TORG, GURPS, Twilight: 2000, and the HERO system.
Pick your weapon! You can choose from conventional weapons, rockets, lasers, particle beams, railguns and melee weapons. Detailed directions and step-by-step design sheets help guide you through each aspect of custom weapon design.
Design weapons for any Tech Level where they are possible, not just where they historically appeared. Want to give the Romans machine pistols? Or design lasers for WWII? If it could have been done, or if it might be done, you can do it, in 3G³"

 Guns!,Guns!, Guns!, By Greg Porter of Blackburg Tactical Role Playing Group, there are days that stick in your mind & for us it was December 14th 2005. The family was in Florida on a research & development mission for an industrial sewing machine contract. On the way down on a drive through Seabring Florida there was a small hole in the wall hobby shop called the Roll of the Dice. Now remember the exact day because there were four books that were bought from the used RPG section of this shop. Timelords rpg, Guns,Guns,Guns, More 3G3 Guns, & Warpworld rpg. And there were three reasons why the Guns,Guns, Guns, rpg system was in a shopping bag in 2005. The fact that this is a complete weapons rpg system & it clocks in at one hundred & twenty three pages.

 There were three reasons why G3G was on the 'must get list' & that was a the conversion systems for original Traveller, Mega Traveller, Cyberpunk 2020, & for the generation of all kinds of weapons. 3G3 can & will handle anything from primitive melee, black powder, modern  fire arms right up through particle beam weaponry. Once you develop a conversion from the core stats to your favorite system, the system becomes a wonderful design and customization tool for weapons. So this makes 3G3 ideal for working with for Cepheus Engine rpg given that the system works well with original Traveller rpg. The secret to the 3G3 system is the parameters used which include damage value, projectile velocity, range limit, and barrel length.

Bruce Gray in his 3G3 Amazon review has some really interesting insight on the book. He goes into the following; "It starts with a section on basic terminology, and moves from that beginning to a section on conventional weapons. This is the meat-and-potatoes for people wanting to use this book's highly accurate statistics for running games other than the ones included. Fade that into a section on Lasers, followed by sections on: Particle Beams, Railguns, and melee weapons." 3G3 is a nuts & bolts book from the ground up. This isn't a perfect system & there have been a number of revised editions of 3G3 over the years. 

3G3 system isn't perfct but its very well suited to our purposes at the table top level.While games have been going rules lite again & again over the years. 3G3 increases the crunch from another time in rpg fashion & it does it very well. 

There's something incredibly subversive about the unappologically violent nature of the simulation of Guns!,Guns!, Guns!, By Greg Porter. The fact that G3G exists as an  rpg system says volumes about the nature of the 3G3 material. The fact that 3G3 book acts as cap system is something I've come to love because it can be used with TimeLordsCORPSGURPS®Hero System®Cyberpunk 2020®Heavy GearBattlelords of the 23rd CenturyNexusFeng ShuiTraveller New Era®, and Traveller 4th edition®. And it perfectly suited to act as an add on system with Zozer Games Hostile rpg setting or Cepheus Engine rpg. 

Is 3G3 meat & patatoes for the rpg weapons design?! Yes but its solidly done meat & patatoes done in such a way as to bring home the point of 3G3. The 3G3 system isn't a stand alone rpg system but a cap system for weaponry in Rpg's. It remains a favorite of mine at the table top as well as our players. 

I personally believe that the 3G3 system book remains one of Greg Porter's strongest books. The solid coconuts it takes to tactical a subject as big as 3G3's foundations is impressive in our minds. 

You can find Guns!,Guns!, Guns!, By Greg Porter of
Blackburg Tactical Role Playing Group Right Over Here. 

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