Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Cult Classic Italian Post Apocalyptic Movie Posters From The 80's As Inspiration For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

I was looking around Google image search for some post apocalyptic goodness and came across these and thought I'd share again. So set your VHS players to awesome. Here's a load of post apocalyptic posters from the 80's and beyond that captures the Mad Max spirit of those Italian clones that seemed to always be in rotation in the video rental place that I worked in Boston. Here's a quick selection of some of the cover art that never lived up the film but was none the less very entertaining and provided endless  hours of inspiration for my post apocalyptic campaigns. 
Don't forget to roll your d10 for a possible encounter with 1d8 time lost  Roman centurions! 
Here's a bit of movie music from the classic Mad Max that suits the movie mood  of the post apocalyptic artwork below. 

Add cheestastic bonus poster! 


  1. If only these movies were as good as their posters!

  2. They are cult classic but they're definitely an acquired taste. I have to say though that these poster's artwork is classic though. Thanks for the comment though. We've got more post apocalyptic goodness coming up.


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