Sunday, May 11, 2014

Free Comic Book Download Commentary - Space Adventures Issue #8 As Fodder For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

Grab It Right Over

I've been working my way through the Carlton comics issues of Space Adventures and this issue is pretty good. The writer must have been ticked though the twist ending was given away. 'All for Love' is an interesting twist on the lover is an android trope. The whole problem could have been solved with a new skin job and there are actually several ways that a party of PC's might become involved.  Given the possible illegal status of androids in some retro future campaigns and the nature of this 'forbidden love' there could be room for a whole bunch of black market hi jinks that could result. 
'Pet Hate' has some interesting twists on the usual monster/alien action and could with a little more twisting be used as the basis for a fiendish encounter for x plorers or Stars Without Number. Love the artwork in this one.
 'Cycle of Death' has a nice variation on the planar powers and allien society theme. Its short but would make a very nice mini epic encounter for either SWN or X plorers.
'First Contact' is short and weird, makes a great quick style game interlude.
'Flower From Pharoah' is a good straight up 'after the visit to the alien planet' adventure and this one would work great for a Stars Without Number game encounter. 

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