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Free Horror Comic Download - From Scary Tales #26 (January 1983), Man's Best Friend For Your Old School Campaigns

My hands are shaking. After twenty one years I've rediscovered an old Tom Sutton favorite from the pages of a Carlton comic that I had way back in 1992. Every single horror comic site, face book group,etc. I've been a part of I've asked after this story which as a kid partially launched my love of horror comics. 
I had a physical copy of this comic back in the 90's and it was lost to me. I couldn't remember the title of the comic. Today I was searching through the Sutton artwork and there it was right in Google image search!
From Scary Tales #26 (January 1983), here’s “Man’s Best Fiend,” with script by Tom Tuna (a pseudonym of Joe Gill) and art by Tom Sutton.
Special thanks to Tom Sutton and John Gill for twisting my little mind as a kid and setting me on this dark and twisting path!
Discovered this afternoon on the Ragged Claws Blog. 




Mr. Weaver's Pet's
For Your Old School Campaigns
Mr. Weaver is a very unpleasant character to begin with. Now a vampire as per the OD&D Dragon magazine and old school rules. Weaver has not amended his ways as he's risen from the grave, if anything he now is even more amoral in his lawfully evil ways. Weaver's Pet's can mystically appear in any old school city where Weaver sets up shop and begins to sell his particular pets as assassins and instruments of vengeance. Weaver is an alchemist or wizard of considerable talent as well as being one of the undead. It is said that he had a strain of ghoul blood running in his veins before being converted fully over to full undead status.
 There is 70% chance of Weaver having a monster or creature from the OD&D mythos in stock as well monsters of a Lovecraftian nature as well. He gets 300 gold or up to 10,000 per monster depending upon rarity and condition of his dungeon or wasteland denizens.
He will pay 100 gold per monster if the adventurers are willing to sell him live creatures. Those whom he takes in to his 'special back room' are held by a combination charm spell/suspension spell. Monsters are automatically held in a state of manageable violence. The spell will remain up to a week in effect until the horror is unleashed upon its prey. The shop itself has certain peculiarities as well. There always seems to be more room in the shop for another horror and extra strong cages to house these horrors.
 Weaver has a vast knowledge of monsters, folkways, the habits, and particulars of his 'pets' but is loath to part with such knowledge. He is charming, languid,something of a lech, but even as a vampire still a blood sucking fiend of a business man. He also has a rather nasty habit of surviving a number of fatal deaths over the centuries. There are rumors of some god or Lovecraftian deity favoring him and his particularly loathsome shop.

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