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Don't Go Back In The Swamps- A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Deep within the swamps of Wasted  West Virginia are things that man should not disturb but something has awakened after after centuries and it is killing. Members of the Mutant Underground Railroad approach the PC's looking for help tracking down what or who is murdering their station workers, safe house personnel, and even the mutant refugees they help to get to safety out West. Wasted  West Virginia is thousands of miles of trackless swampland created by the fall of entropic weapons, and the run off from  three nuclear winters.The place is rife with ancient ruins, local legends, and mile after mile of trackless swampland. The ground in some places crawls with mansquidos, mutant monsters, wasteland horrors, and worse. There are bio weapons released as last ditch effort to harm humanity.
The party will be approached by Carl ( a Greenie reptilian mutant) with an offer of a 6oo gold piece reward, trade item contracts and a treasure map.
The Mutant Underground Rail road has a series of cabins down in the swamps of Wasted West Virginia and characters will be using the same routes that the mutant refugees used before.
Those spending the nights in the cabins will be visited by dreams or visions of blood and water. These visions will be incredibly realistic and PC's will need to make wisdom checks to convince themselves that these experience weren't real.

 1d10 Random Wasted  West Virginia Random Encounters 
  1. 1d4 Greenie Mutant Swamp traders looking to trade fish and can goods. They're catch is wholesome and the can goods solid. Each will cost a single copper piece. 
  2. A shambling mound looking for swamp fungus for lunch. The creature is peaceful and will move on 
  3. 1d6 swamp zombies looking for a meal, these horrors will attack anything that they come across. There is a 10% chance of catching a disease from psychical combat with these horrors. 
  4. Doc Shirlock the traveling swamp man ~ a psychic healer and doctor ~ A gentle soul with the skills of a vet and a surgeon. He makes his rounds and not one soul would attack him. Sells Doc Shirlock's tonic able to heal as a cure light wound spell but don't ask what's in it. 
  5. A gang of 1d8 relic soldiers looking for experiental victims, these bastards have stats ala the Cyborg Commandos from the MF rule book. 
  6. 1d6 giant mutant snails looking for lunch. Each will have a minor mutation or two. 
  7. 1d4 Giant Dragon Leeches, these swamp born horrors act as giant leeches but are able to slither on dry land and are coated with a fast acting paralytic poison. 
  8. A cult of 1d10 psychotic mutant hill billy killers comes after the characters. These bastards are armed with a wide variety of melee weapons. Fight as third level fighters and are absolutely ruthless. For every three one will have the regeneration mutation and come back from the dead. 
  9. A flock of hawkoids on the raid! 1d6 of these avian horrors on a raid and looking for trouble at least one will be armed with an energy weapon. 
  10. A small swamp reptilian horror, this bio weapon has targeted the PC's and has an acidic breath weapon but stats as per the giant lizard from the MF rule book. 

After two days the PC's cabin will be attacked by a Pumpkin Head. The thing will stop at nothing to try and kill the PC's only to seemly vanish at the end of the melee. The horror will attack every two days like clock work.
This thing will stop at nothing until all the PC's are dead.  

More Information over at Chris Van Deelen's blog

No. Enc: 1

Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 3
HD: 18
Attacks: 4 (bite, claw, claw, tail)
Damage: 2d4/2d6/2d6/1d4
Save: l16
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: IX for this particular head. 
Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons, xenomorphism), control light waves, empathy, increased senses (smell and hearing), neural telepathy, regeneration (special), teleportation, plus any non-drawback physical mutations possessed by the host.
Source: Pumpkinhead (1988)

Those Who Arise

Out in the swampland a group has awakened after centuries of slumber. 'The clock watchers' are a group of super scientists who were placed into sleep pods aboard a pre fabricated bunker. This group feels that they and only they are the true inheritors of this new world. They have seen and tracked the movements of the refugees of the Mutant Underground rail road and they offend the sensibilities of the Clock Watchers. Exploiting one of the secrets that was entrusted  to them the Clock Watchers have created a Pumpkin head to hunt down and execute the members of the Rail road. 
This pumpkin head has developed a fondness for taking trophies. Clever PC's can track this ingenious horror back to it's vat like creation chamber lair. They maybe able to set up an ambush for this horror.
The Clock Watchers are also beginning to exploit some of these  local wild life and plant species on the post apocalyptic black market. There have been seven contacts between the Watchers and various adventurer groups. This has resulted in several armed conflicts and losses on the adventurers side. The locals site the swamp wars back during the Final wars when several local Swamp Warlords were wiped out by mysterious forces ( The Clock Watchers). The bastards send out seven man death squads on swamp capable ATVs armed with AK-47's  and laser rifles to mop up any issues left in the wake of the pumpkin head. These teams are lead by a 5th level fighter who will command a full squad of these death troops dressed in full black riot armor and armed too the teeth. 


  1. I have been LOVIN' these MutFut encounters!

  2. Glad your enjoying 'em Tim! I've been contending myself with writing more because a few of my nine players are down with medical issues at the moment. Chris Van Deelen's monster conversions are really some of my inspiration with these. He's great at getting my creative juices flowing. I've got more on the way. I've been in a post apocalyptic mood the last few weeks and have really letting my mind go into the genre. I've got more coming up tomorrow as well.


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