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Fast Food - A Mutant Future Encounter or A Post Apocalyptic Old School Encounter For Any

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All across the Ruined States are lighted up and seemly well stocked pre-holocaust convenience stores but many adventurers and salavagers know better then to try and loot these wasteland murder holes. These incredibly nicely stocked store fronts are actually bio weapon testing beds for Ajax Chemicals. A post holocaust mega corporation who uses mad and super science to to sell to its high paying clients mutant and adventurer tested weapons of war.
They're latest product is zombie a distillation of one hundred and twenty cloned human and animal brain strains distilled into an air delivered pheromone that will attract every undead horror and zombie within a thirty block radius. Using their convenience store laboratories Ajax is known through out the wastelands as one of the most dangerous and productive weapons sellers.
Adventurers who push the open doors on one of their stores will find the shelves stocked, the power on, and the place run by a seeming pre holocaust A.I. holo personality ready to serve them. The reality is quite different. The A.I. job is to keep the adventurers busy until the zombies arrive. There will be a hoard class of XV at least within the store. 

Those who venture into their spots of horror will find themselves knocked out, scannned, in some cases tagged, and laser tattooed with bar codes. They will be doused with zombie juice then flushed out into the streets with sub sonic pulses coming through the store's speakers.
Zombie hordes will close in the victims and nine times out of ten there will Juggers present. These zombies are actually the target goal of Ajax. Through a combination of recontaminate  DNA and muta-gentic compounds present within the juice those infected by a bite from the horde will produce more Juggernauts with an incredibly ferocious disposition and superior strength. Ajax assault and capture teams will be sent in to bag tag and lay claim to the latest Ajax product. These zombies will fetch several hundred gold pieces each on the bio weapons market each.  

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Ajax Chemicals is one of the most barbaric and insidious of the so called Neo Companies to emerge in the wake of the post apocalyptic disaster. The see the world as a test bed for the wide variety of chemicals and bio agents that they 'produce'. A few examples of stand Ajax procedure is to spike the drinking water of a mutant community with mutagenic viruses and capture the victims for sale as bio weapons on the open market. Ajax specializes in zombies, ghuls, ghouls, and other mutated undead creatures as open capture and weapons of terror. They are also one of the number one produces of 'cure all' serums for the germs and plagues of zombie and ghoul sickness. 

Ajax capture teams consist of one assault or combat droid armed with heavy stunners, netters, and dart guns. They're troops are often pure strain human or near human fighters dressed in riot armor with the bio weapon symbol on them. These will always be fighters of second level or better raised at a Ajax facility and flown in on F.A.S.T. assault hover vehicle. This vehicle will be armed with assault weapons with rubber bullets  and zombie tuned riot gas so as not to damage the 'product'.
There will be a minimum of over forty troops to deal with zombies and are well versed in the lore for the destruction, capture, and handling of undead. 

Juggernaut Zombies 

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No. Enc: 1d3

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 60’ (20’)
AC: 6
HD: 20
Attacks: 2 punches (special) 1 bite
Damage: 3d6 / 3d6 / 2d12+2
Save: L20
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Gigantism, increased physical attribute (strength)
Source: State of Decay video game (2013)

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