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Free Comic Download - Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds 002 (1957) For Your School Science Fiction Campaign

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Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds Is a great old school Carlton Comics title, more of an anthology title then simply straight science fiction or fantasy. There's a bit of everything in this issue and the artwork is strictly old school Fifties comic book stuff. Very well done and interesting as well as easy on the eye. This title isn't well known among gamers at all.
'Dark Side Of the Moon' is 'an alien exploitation' story with delusions of a businessman to exploit an alien pilot  who crash out in the Midwest someplace near a minor urban area. His quest with the alien's technology, saucer, and artifacts might make an excellent hook,line, and sinker for a party in an X plorers game or better yet a post apocalyptic encounter during the Shadow Years of Gamma world or Mutant Future.
 'Behind the Eight Ball' goes into some really nasty business with a very interesting race of little grey men. And a variation on the 'Size Matters' theme. Simply imagine the PC's finding themselves along with these little fellows and well you've got a nasty if brief encounter. 
'The Night The Grand Canyon Disappeared' is a pretty nice little gem with potential here for a mini campaign and in my opinion is one of the gems of this issue. The aliens here are near human and rather nasty along with their collaborators. Nice artwork and a good post apocalyptic potential encounter. Some really nice UFO encounter potential in this one.
'Dangling Beam' is a two pager without art that were common in the 50's. A nice little yarn that could be used as a mid encounter with any old school science fiction game.
'The Yodler of Yognasi' is a three pager with some crossover between a modern or post apocalyptic game and an old school OD&D style encounter. This is going to be a very brief encounter but there's lots that can happen with this one.
'Objective Moon' is solidly done and is a perfect encounter mission for Xplorers or Stars Without Number if the group of players wants an old school retrofuture game! This one has the potential for a mini encounter if the players want to play with the elements of this story. A bit of dungeon crawling, Nazi's and more here!
 The Tiny World is a  very brief story and its got potential if  the DM is willing to work around the 'High Moral' ground in this one. We find that the Earth is only a colonial experiment  of some higher power here. But the question is which one? And could this story be used as a jump off point for an OD&D/Mutant Future cross over or perhaps Xplorers? 


  1. Hi Needles; your comic posts have reminded me that I've been trying to identify an SF anthology comic that I read in the early 80s (who knows when it was published!) with no success. I'll tell you two story fragments that I barely remember in the hope that you have read-or will someday read-the comic I'm searching for. One story is a future cop who wakes up in bed with his girlfriend. They argue over his job, he must enter an underground abyss, and is overwhelmed by rats. The story I guess contrasts the perfect future life of leisure with the hidden terror below. The second fragment is a soldier who defends the world by strapping into a psychic projector that generates space fighters from his mind. He sees the battle on a radar screen. As more invading ships come on he exceeds his limits in the machine, destroying his mind.

    If these ring any bells, you will solve a mystery that's been plaguing me for the last decade!

  2. Well, there's a high end 1979 DC science fiction anthology that went in for just those sorts of lengthy story lines. Check out Time Warp from D.C. comics which has some great stories but the comics run was very brief. From time to time it would appear in .25 to .50 cent bins and occasionally shows up in dollar bins these days.


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