Sunday, May 4, 2014

Free OSR Resource - Oddities for a Sewer System For Your Old School Campaign

Spend anytime in an urban environment  in a game as a PC and your going to eventually end up in the sewer system. This is when the fun begins. The D Infinity blog site has been collecting  'Oddities For The Sewer System', a collection of encounters down in the depths.
You can find that right over
They've also been adding to the collection and they're up to forty seven entries so far. So let's add another ten to this table shall we?

1d10 More  Random Oddities For the Sewer Table 

  1. A muck covered crystal statue of some unknown and extinct goddess. The statue hums when handled and has a distinctly tan cast to its crystal make up. A gold band with unknown carvings has been placed around the base. The statue is about twelve inches tall. 
  2. A series of metal plates set around the wall that glow strangely with an eerie inner light. They are actually solid silver and seem to burn with an inner magical light. Worth about 100 gold pieces each or a thousand dollars in a modern setting. There are a series of four plates. 
  3. A monkey's paw nailed to the sewer wall with a solid iron nail with a a squire head. The paw holds a small rope with seven knots. Did the paw just move? 
  4. A small fused pile of rusted coins, they seem to have almost melted together. Most of these coins are of a small denomination but there a 20% chance of there being 1d6 gold pieces in this metal mess. 
  5. A floating piece of fungus the size of a man's head. There is 10% chance of this purple  fungal nightmare bursting explosively and throwing thousands of spores all around. 
  6. A small carved piece of wood drifts along on the effluvia. There is an aura of power about it and the thing looks like it came from an ancient ship or vessel. There is actually a minor curse carved into the piece. There is 5% chance that the warriors tribe who created it will seek out the owner. They will want it back to be ritually burned. 
  7. A small child's doll floats face down in the black foulness. The thing will spasm if touched. Its actually an enchanted doll looking for its child. The doll thing was separated from it's master and now seeks her out. There is a twenty five gold piece reward in it for the characters. 
  8. A small bale of very,very, potent hallucinogenic herbs which will cause the owner if smoked prophetic dreams of the future but there is 20% chance of dreaming about giant muck and sewage monsters. There is a ten percent chance of the PC smoking this stuff of turning into such a creature. 
  9. A giant cockroach which is actually a cursed princess, the thing can still talk and will seek out the help of adventurers who may help it quest to return to its former beautiful self. 
  10. A hand drawn map of the grand sewer system under the king's palace or corporation drawn on the preserved scalp of a notorious pirate king. Nor only does it show the location of treasure beyond compare but also the king's treasure vault that no one is supposed to venture to. Here the royal magic items treasury is kept

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