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Lake Shore Property - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

File:Rangeley Lake, Maine.jpg
Mutated Maine is a complete and utter wild land of soaring forests, dangerous glens, and deep fresh water lakes. The this is also the home of the so called healing waters and the Deep Anglers. 
The wars which spawned these hideous monsters also released thousands of micro artifacts, the so called healing Waters  are some of these. A series of nanite cultures and clusters that can cure cancer, mend limbs, and almost bring the dead back from the grave exist under some very special conditions. These deep fresh waters contain these micro artifacts in the deepest waters.
The back wood lakes of Maine are just perfect for this sort of artifact. There are only four lakes where these cultures exist. They also happen to be the lairs of  Deep Anglers a fresh water species of Sea Anglers adapted by the nanites to survive and serve them as guardians.
The party are approached by another agent of the Mutant Underground Rail Road named Eddie. A strange combination of man and mantis, Eddie is quick to make a deal. He will offer the party 400 gold or 100 pounds of trade goods for a trip up to Mutated Maine. The Railroad needs the this potion for Eddie's daughter who was caught by a Pure Hunter's laser lance a couple of days ago and time is running out. The PC's will have 1d4 days to come up with the nanites or the child may perish. Eddie will provide a Nanite Scanner/Detector, A Nanite Culture Kit, Magnetic Capture bottle, and Transport Matrix. These items are quite common in certain areas of the Ruined States and so are only worth 180 gold pieces. 
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Eddie will provide a map of the area and route up there. Very few communities exist up there and the route up is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately for Eddie his contacts in the Underground also include a Beserker mutant mercenary outfit called The Second Cell. This group of mercenaries and treasure hunters wants the nanites for themselves. They often retrieve high end mutants for others while working within the Mutant Underground Railroad. Few know that this familial unit works not only for the Railroad but anti mutant super science groups such as the Black Knights and the Pure Hunters.  
There is a family of twelve Beserkers armed with black powder weapons, relic cars and military vehicles now trailing the PC's. Make no mistake these folks are not stupid, they will let the PC's do all the work until they are ready to take the nanite clusters from them.
 They  are working for a supers science group known as the Interface- A group of twelve powerful mutants all telepathically linked in a hive mind collective. They deal in exotic and very dangerous nanite properties.
What no one knows is that these twelve are actually a sentient A.I. Nanite cluster themselves. They've  taken possession of these mutant bodies for this generation and deal in nanite and A.I. slavery selling their own kind to the highest bidder throughout the Neo England states. They want possession of the Mutated Maine nanites for themselves. They pass themselves off as a benign and beneficial mutant group selling high tech artifacts to mutant and humankind.
Want to know more? Visit Chris Van Deelen's Beserk Entry Right
No. Enc: 2d8
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 6 (or by armor)
HD: 15
Attacks: By weapon or 2 punches, 1 bite
Damage: By weapon (+5 damage if melee), 1d4+5 / 1d4+5 / 2d3 + 5
Save: L15
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: I, II, V, VII, IX, XI, and 1d4 primitive firearms, and 1d3-1 high tech firearms or melee weapons.

Mutations: Increased physical attribute (strength), simian deformity (d)
Source: Dragon Factory and Code Zero by Jonathan Maberry

The Second Cell will track the PC's and then move in for the kill trying to make their murders look like accidents if possible. They will not be counting up on the Deep Anglers though. These creatures seem to be drawn to the nanites within the lake waters. There is only a 30% chance of finding the micro artifacts using the Nanite detector and kit that will be provided by Eddie. The anglers actually live in symbiosis with these nanites and killing one will provide the PC's with their 'treasure'. The Deep Anglers are drawn to any exposure of the clusters and 1d4 of the monsters will suddenly appear as if from no place and attack. 

For The 
Deep Anglers original species see Chris Van Deelen's Blog
No. Enc: 1d4 
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 60’ (20’)
                     120' (40') Swim
AC: 3
HD: 12 
Attacks: 1 (spit) or 1 (tongue), or 3 (bite, claw, claw)
Damage: Class 10 poison, or 1d4 plus class 10 poison, or 4d6 / 1d10 plus 3d6 / 1d10 plus 3d6
Save: L8
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: Incidental

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons – claws, prehensile tongue; xenomorphism), chameleon epidermis, epidermal dependency (water), improved physical attributes (strength and dexterity), improved senses (hearing), toxic weapon (paralytic spit, class 10 poison).
Source: Sea Beast

Any exposure to the Maine Nanites will act as a powerful Cure Heavy Wounds Spell as per the Labyrinth Lord Rule book with some unintended side effects. Consult the following Table. These nanites have taken many of the characteristics of the fresh water animals and land where they spawn. The mutant Healers of the Underground are aware of these effects and are able to counter act them for Eddie's daughter. PC's might not be so lucky. 
The Mutated Maine Nanite Random Effects Table 
  1. The PC's will begin to smell like raw sewage for 1d8 days as their skin exudes this horrid stench. - 3 on all charisma rolls until the effects were off. 
  2. The character's skin takes on the appearance of a leopard frog and they have an urge for eating raw insects. Effects last for 1d8 days 
  3. The characters skin takes on the sheen of a dragon fly and they can reflect laser fire. 
  4. 1d8 random leech like mouths appear over the PC's body and they have a craving for raw blood. The sight of blood may 25% send the PC into a berserk like state. 
  5. The PC's skin will take on a bark like appearance and they will smell like damp pine. They will be deathly afraid of fire for the next seven days until the nanites pass. 
  6. The PC's will hear the song of the wild and for the next twelve days understand and commune with animals including mutant species. The effect is only temporary lasting 1d4 days. 
  7. The PC's can see the invisible and they're eyes will see in spectrum far removed from human kind. They may perceive undead or the like if they exist within the campaign. Otherwise they may think that they see the 'ghosts' of holocaust victims. They are actually seeing the Infra red 'ghosts' of those who have been killed in the past. Effects last for 1d4 days. 
  8. The PC's skin becomes translucent and all sneak as well as stealth checks gain +1 but they gain -2 on all charisma rolls. The effects are permanent.
  9.  The character gains the face of a Moose and must eat plants. 
  10. The PC becomes a Deep One and will mutate into a Deep Angler within 1d8 days unless another quest for a super science item is taken up to cure them. 


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