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Detroit Transfer - An Encounter For Mutant Future and Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The PC's are approached by the 'Made Men' a group of super science smugglers who have an offer the PC's can't refuse. It seems that someone hired the 'Men' to transfer a special cargo container with to a buyer  out in the ruins of Detroit. 'The Reclaimation of Detroit' was happening at the outbreak of the Apocalypse. The armored car they were using for the transfer hasn't been heard from in two days and the Made Men are very nervous. They've heard of the PC's and their dealings with items of a sensitive nature.
They're representative Lenny Loose Lips a mutant with a weird speech impediment and tongue capable of delivering a nasty poisonous bite over distances contacts the PC's. Lenny tells the PC's that the offer for the transfer was made through a series of dead drops, and payment was made up front. The wilds of Detroit are notorious for both their dangerous mutated wild life and the countless gangs that use the lawless no man's land as a base to operate from.
They're willing to offer offer two major artifacts and 100 pounds of trade goods. They have a map of the armored car's route, food, and a radio beacon when the car is located. They are unsure of the cargo but think that it was some type of dangerous mutant.
The PC's route to the ruins of Detroit will involve two separate encounters with second level fighters armed with swords, guns, and on horse back. These raiders will be fleeing Detroit and fight for dear life.

The PC's will find the armored car on their fourth day. The nuclear battery powered high speed armored car is open, the corpses of the drivers,guards, etc. are all in tact. Everything is there and untouched. No flies or sights of decay are their. The sleep pod container used to transport the mutant has been destroyed from the inside out. The heavy machine gun and ammo are intact and have not been fired. There are two hundred rounds of ammo within the armored car still. There are several smaller boxes in the back of the car. They contain several contraband items including : 1d8 nuclear hand grenades, a pair of radioactive sprayers with ammo, 13 small anti personel joy buzzer devices, and 1d6 anti rad drugs doses. There is also a small short wave radio and several batteries to fit it. 
Box two contains: three small devices of unknown purpose, along with several bags of highly addictive narcotics, and several high stim shots. 
Box three contains a small antimatter device that is in active at the moment but will do 5d6 points of damage to everything within a 50 block radius. This device is code locked.
For every 1d20 hours spent in the open there a 40% chance of an encounter with a gang or some bandits. Consult the proper encounter matrix for details of the encounters in your Mutant Future rule book under bandits.

What's Going In Detroit ? 

Recently a wizard called Negellus sent a group of adventurers to a parallel post apocalyptic world's ruins of Pittsburgh for the express purpose of capturing a very dangerous mutant. After encountering a group of Black Knight warriors the wizard was destroyed. But not before paying the 'Made Men' to transport a very dangerous Pittsburgh Troglodyte mutant to a warlord client. The warlord's men were the first victims of the dangerous predator.
File:Vanity Ballroom Detroit 2010.jpg

Now everyone within a 20 block radius has become one of these dangerous and very aggressive mutant horrors. Bandits for blocks around are trigger happy and very paranoid. They will fire upon the PCs and ask questions later. The PC's will need all of the artifacts within the armored car to fight their way back. A small sniveling super scientist two blocks away from their present location knows a secret. A trog must be captured in order to create a serum. Wiley Rarely is a small pure strain human that knows the secret of these creatures and was supposed to take possession of the mutant. Things didn't go as planned. Several letters within the armored car indicate that he was supposed to take possession and has the equipment to capture and sedate a Trog! 

Pittsburgh Troglodyte
Want To Know More
Go Over To Chris Van Deelen's Blog

No. Enc: 5d6
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
                      30’ (10’) Vertical Jump
AC: 7
HD: 5
Attacks: 3 (Bite, claw, claw)
Damage: 1d6 plus special, 2d4 / 2d4
Save: L5
Morale: 4
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (bloated belly, hairless)(d), clinging, dietary requirement change (living flesh)(d), extended life span, increased senses (hearing, smell).
Source: Fallout 3 down-loadable content, The 

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