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Free Comic Book Download - WWIII Issue #3 For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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We didn't skip an issue, this was the only other issue of  Ace Comics World War Three title. Shame to because this issue has some strong stories and some of the most adaptable material I've seen in these comics.
This issue picks up the limited nuclear exchange and conventional forces action with the addition of some awesome retro future 1950's technology thrown into the mix. 
The cover starts us off with some cool retro future helipacks for the WWIII continuum's US soldiers, it says so right on the buttons they've got coming off the prop.
Jet Jammer's Jamboree is the first story into this issue and its a great tale of air action in the skies of  World War Three. We've got the Reds in this story using some electronic jamming technology and getting shot to hell. This it turns out was a Red test run for this technology and full scale air raid will becoming soon. Then we get into a full scale jet fighter battle.
 The US forces come out but the cost is high. I could actually see a time travel mission in a post apocalyptic campaign to recover the Red technology to fend off a Wizard's Warship ala Thundarr.
Commando In Mufti - Gives us a raid on a Soviet base and also some really cool helicopter/plane hybrids as well. Here we've got a conventional raid on Soviet nuclear base. It's rough going for the Americans down into a multi level dungeon that would put a group of PCs right into the thick of the action.
 The Americans left quite a few military secrets behind even after their forces decimated the place.
Devils of the Deep is by far my favorite for this issue. Here we've got lots of underwater post apocalyptic action, the uniforms of the Merican forces are like something right out of Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. The divers have to take out Soviet naval forces and there's lots of underwater action. Throw in some aquatic mutant monsters and your ready to go for an old school Shadow Years adventure.

Using World War III Issue #3
For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns 

This issue really puts the Merican forces right into the thick of the WW III action. There's  plenty of places for this to be used as the basis for either a time travel or alternative Earth style post apocalyptic campaign.
Much of the technology in this issue borders on the comic book ideal and wouldn't look out of place in an issue of Nick Fury Agent of Shield. The retro technology makes some great relics or artifacts for PC's. Several of the military forces would also make some great sources for a cryptic alliance or another post apocalyptic cult that the PC's stumble across.
 The Korean era retro technology won't ruin a campaign if the PCs find some of this stuff but there is enough of a 'neat' factor that will keep players interested. There's lots to pull from in this issue.
All in all this is a great issue to pull from the comics are not well known the events of these issues are quite nicely laid out and we get plenty of action in these.
 Great stuff for a retro future post apocalyptic campaign. Fun stuff from another age thanks to Ace comics. Don't worry there's plenty of nuclear age action coming up!
'Remember this is the war that will never happen if America remains strong and alert!'

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