Saturday, May 10, 2014

Free Comic Book Download - Space Adventures #6 As Inspiration For Your Old School Space Campaign

Grab It Right Over
Space Adventures number six has a ton of retro old school Carlton comics goodness. This issue is jammed with a sort of a mix of horror and science fiction approach to it's stories. This issue is a solid source for retro space based gaming. There's a couple of UFO style stories that could be used as fodder for an X plorers style game. Grab it and take a look as a resource for your old school space based retroclone. 

According to Wiki: 

Space Adventures, a science-fiction anthology comic book from the Derby, Connecticut-based Charlton Comics, was initially published for 21 issue (cover-dated July 1952 - Aug. 1956). Issues #9-12 (Winter 1954 - Aug. 1954) were cover-titled Science Fiction Space Adventures. The following two issues were cover-billed Space Adventures Presents The Blue Beetle, and featured reprints of the defunct publisher Fox Comics' superhero, from 1939. Issues 15-18 (March-Sept. 1955) carried the rubric Space Adventures Presents Rocky Jones, and featured that children's television character in licensed TV spin-off stories. These were primarily illustrated by penciler Ted Galindo and inked by, variously, Dick GiordanoRay Osrin, or Galindo himself. Giordano penciled at least one "Rocky Jones" story, "Gravity-Plus", inked by Jon D'Agostino, in issue 18. Issues 19 and 21 reverted to Space Adventures, interspersed with another licensed tie-in, Space Adventures Presents First Trip to the Moon — a retitled reprint of writer Otto Binder, penciler Dick Rockwell and inker Sam Burlockoff's adaptation of the movie Destination Moon, from Fawcett Comics' 1950 one-shot of that name.

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