Saturday, May 17, 2014

Free Comic Book Download - Space Action #1 From Ace Comics For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

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This Summer with so much going on and one of my gaming groups on hiatus because of medical issues with two of the players I've been getting back into comic books a bit. Not the usual sort but the public domain efforts that came out in yesteryear. Lately I've been drawn to the post apocalyptic genre but I find myself drifting back to space opera. Ace Comics put out dozens of good solid titles in the Fifties and Space Action issue #1 caught my attention. It promised unusual interplanetary adventure!
Lasting between June 1952 through October of 1952 this title had a few good stories and some interesting stuff between the pages. This title is perfect for Xplorers and man I wish I had this title when I was running Human Space Empires.
Invaders From the Lost Galaxy is a mix of Flash Gordon style action with a weird Dark Ages style backdrop that would make a solid Xplorers one shot. The story archs fast, plenty of action, and a bit of ray gun action in this one. So its a solid story in its own right.
Double Menace on Jupiter's Moon is more my style. The derelict in space is a nice opener for a Stars Without Number adventure. There's plenty here that can be reused for a SWN retro future space adventure. This would make a great one shot for an evening of play.
 War Fleet of the Trader Earth Men - This a bit of a middle campaign style adventure, the ideas in this one are a bit more involved. The action gets into a bit of the space palace intrigue bit but its a fast adventure if twisted up a bit for either SWN or Xplorers. With this one though I lean in a bit more for SWN.
The Green Menace From Landar is typical of ACe Comics format. Namely  three comic stories followed by a two page break up story and then a wrap up. This one makes a nifty little encounter for Xplorers. A very fast read and not too badly done for the period.
 Prisoners on Solar has Xplorers written all over it. Lots of action, way out retro future science fiction technology, and this one is a great for a quick one night adventure or a convention style of play. I liked the star ship designs in this one.
All in all Space Action #1 goes down easy and is a quick read. Easily converted to your favorite old school space opera or science fiction retroclone this one is a clear and easy download that should provide a few days of play with your favorite group of science fiction players. 

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