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A Certain Hole In The Ground An Encounter For Mutant Future Or An Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

The Echo Mines out in Contaminated Colorado are part of an extensive underground network of tunnels and strange caverns that have been bored under the mountains of the former state of Colorado. 
Now a brand new super science corporate entity  Earthworks has begun to once more work the mine and its got certain groups very concerned.
The party is called in after the radio outpost at the nearby town of Echo Point goes silent.

The town of Echo Point is a mid point for the Mutant Underground Railroad and one of the safe zones for mutant operations and smuggling for this region.  Eddie  the party's scaly Mutant Underground Rail contact meets with the party. He's willing to offer 300 gold pieces, a map of the region, some background on Echo Point, a few minor artifacts for working underground, and about 60 pounds in trade goods. He's booked passage on a stage coach for the party should they need to get to Echo Point should they need it.
The Mutant Railroad Operatives have gone silent for over two weeks now and Eddie fears the worst. 
Echo point is centered around the extensive mine works around the area. The community of two thousand is a thriving city by post apocalyptic standards and has a tech level on par with 1930's America. Earthworks  moved in about ten years ago and the fusion drills started.
They've uncovered only about 20% of the former pre holocaust mine works and employ a good chunk of the town. They drill and process nuclear material that fell when the bombs and missiles rained from the sky.
 They use this material in small power cells and have a super science processing station just out side of town where they manufacture and ship across the Ruined States. 

An investigation around the town and the mine will begin to reveal some striking and very disturbing details.
There are several new holes in the ground around the area. Residents are reporting a unknown series of sightings of monsters, missing persons reports have increased dramatically, and now the Mutant Rail Road workers have gone missing as well.
Mine works has been able to cover up much of what's been going on at Echo Point but not for to much longer.
An investigation into the areas will reveal the following random finds.
1d10  Echo Point Random Item Table and Investigation  Finds 
  1. A series of plates from an armored riot suit, the plates have been torn apart and there is a heavy gouges taken out at various places. Worth about 40 gold pieces because of the bits of decaying flesh and brain matter on the inside. 
  2.  A working laser pistol, fully charged with a female hand still attached to it. The artifact has a 20% chance of discharging when disturbed. Worth about 100 pieces because the clip is with it. 
  3. An Earth Works security soldier's uniform there are bits and pieces torn out from around the uniform. Bits of blood and brains are mashed into the uniform. Worth less but the uniform has long slash marks across it. Any psychic will have readings of sheer agony and terror from the thing. 
  4. A mostly intact parasylis rod wit the focus crystal broken. Worth 40 gold pieces and will need an additional 60 gold pieces worth of repairs. The handle has deep claw marks and cuts. 
  5. Mutant claw human which seems to have suffered extensive trauma. Decay rate indicates its been exposed to the elements for two weeks. Flies and insects won't go near it. 
  6. Pass key from Earth Works covered in blood. Stage II pass card and micro identifier.  
  7. Someone's head partially eaten and with part of a com unit still attached. The throat mike and unit are worth 70 gold pieces. Head's brain is missing. 
  8.  Colt Anaconda handgun with all shots expelled. The pistol  looks like it been through a war zone. Worth 200 gold pieces but needs 60 gold pieces worth of repair work with a gun smith. 
  9. A skull of some unknown  alien mutant monster, this thing is a horror. The mutation is extensive and its been modified for underground life. 
  10. The carcess of a mutant Grizzly  bear, the thing is torn to rivets. The corpse is only days old and its begun to stink. There are chunks taken from the hide. Bits of it have been eaten. 

What's Really Going On In The Echo Point Mine 

There are over ten Earth Works soldiers in full armor and kit paroling the mine. The whole complex is strung with razor wire and combat bots as well. Suddenly from out of the night weird mutated monsters begin murdering the guards.
The Earth Works corporate personal may seek out the party. It seems as if they've recently stumbled across a pre holocaust bioweapon and knew they were sitting on millions in potential profits. The corporation was looking to expand into other areas of investment and began experimentation on willing volunteers.
They didn't count on the family and pack structure of the metamorphs. Within the last three months. The metamorphs have evolved into life outside the mine and have begun to take over Echo Point by night. They view the city as theirs because of vague memories of the city.
The company is willing to offer 300 gold pieces and five major relics to help rid them of the mine's new inhabitants. This isn't to mention the danger to Echo Point as well. 

The Echo Point mine is seven levels of sheer rock cut into the ground. The parasitic Metamorphs are well suited for the mines and have even begun to expand their hunting above ground at night. Barns, caverns, ruins, etc. are all being taken over.
There is a 20% chance of encountering these monsters during any night time activity and they're very dangerous as well. These horrors are expanding quickly and acting as as animals during a spawning and turf war. 

Parasitic Metamorphs 

Find Out More Right Over On Chris Van Deelen's Blog HERE

No. Enc: 2d8
Alignment:  Chaotic

Movement: 120' (40')

                      180' (60') Fly
AC: 3
HD: 8
Attacks: 3 (bite, rear claw, rear claw) or 1 (wing slap)
Damage: 1d6 / 1d12 / 1d12 or 1d8 plus special
Save: L8
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: V, VII, VIII

Mutations: aberrant form (natural weapons, xenomorphism), dietary requirement change (living flesh), Epidermal Susceptibility (light, modified), full wing development, genetic replication, increased senses (smell, hearing), natural armour, unique sense (ultrasound), vision impairment.
Source: The Cave (2005)

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