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Free Comic Book Download - Atomic War Issue #3 (Ace Comics) (February 1953) For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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The sheer nuclear insanity picks up with Issue #3 of Atomic War! from the Ace comic company. This issue ups the nuclear action to the patriotic insanity level of eleven. In terns of weirdness the Commies in this issue are about as blood thirsty as they get. This makes for some great fodder for the 'Dark Years' of a Gamma World or Mutant Future game campaign. The artwork is professional and indicative of the period of the Fifties. They expected their readers were going to read and so each world balloon is a mini paragraph into itself. The retro dialogue is great stuff as well and reminds me of the EC comics of the time. Its very ironic and blood thirty in places.
Let's dive right into the nuclear military action of this issue!

Commando Cracker Jack is the first story in here and puts us into the gun ho action with a special crack team of army commandos sent into the enemy lines on a very critial mission. There's some potential here for a cryptic alliance style group based on these soldiers. The fervor here is something that would stir the heart of any mutant in bunker 11. Speaking of bunkers pay attention to the WWII/Korean war era bunkers at the beginning of the story.
Log of the Snorkel Wolf Pack would make a great grim movie or background for a Mutant Future adventure. The underwater action,adventure set pieces, sunken subs, etc. are eerie and kinda neat for some alternative world hi jinks.The Soviet sub technology is very rerofuture and has some quest or mission potential for a Mutant Future adventure. The end is very grim. A sunken ship wreck of irritated hulks at the bottom of the ocean may provide plenty of potential for salvage and adventure though.
 The Invaders is a nice two pager that has a few elements that could be stolen for a quick encounter.
Slash By The Iron Grey Hounds is one of my favorites for this comic. Atomic land battles, nuclear artillery pieces, and tanks are always fun. This one has some real looting potential for a Mutant Future game in terms of an irritated death land quest. 

Using Issue #3 of Atomic War!
For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Atomic War! #3 makes all the right moves for use as adventure fodder for an alternative world POA campaign. The 'Commies' are absolutely hands down ruthless and the Allied or Merican forces are insane. So basically just the right mix for a Mutant Future or post apocalyptic campaign. The weird military nuclear technology is very retro future and fits in great for a Fallout style campaign. The battles,ruins, deathlands that are all highlighted in #3 can be used as background material.
Atomic War isn't that well known among Old School players and so its pretty easy to pull this series as a resource. Much of the battles in this comic could be pretty insane to pull from for such an alternative campaign and provide a DM with just enough background for a very cool set of short, lethal, and highly dangerous convention set style adventures.
All in all Atomic War Issue #3 had all of the nuclear action I was looking for in a free comic! I hope you enjoy it and have a great time among the  ruins.
 Remember only a strong America Can prevent
Atomic War! 

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