Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rest In Peace Andy Robertson

I've been dreading making this post for a few days now. I've been a The Night Land website  fan for a couple of years. I was only recently learned of Andy Robertson's death from the William Hope Hodgeson's Facebook page. Words utterly fail to convey the sheers punch to the gut that this was.  This was the message that I saw:
"To our sorrow, Andy Robertson, creator of this blog and of The Night Land website, has died. He will be greatly missed. Our condolences to his family.

We believe we'll be able to keep the site running, though right now we can't be sure whether it will remain at its current host, or whether we'll be shifting to the Night Land mirror site.

We've been informed that Brett Davidson, who has written many fine Night Land stories, will handle Andy's literary affairs.

Rest in peace, old friend." 

Here's the thing, I was emailing the website with some questions and whatnot expecting to speak with a friend whom I had shot emails back and forth about Hodgeson's classics over the years. Now that voice has been silenced.
I'm still trying to process this loss and go forward with my Mutant Epoch campaign. The material is still there and I've had phone calls with players. Somehow its not the same right now. This loss is hitting a bit hard. My prayers and deepest regrets are with the Robertson family at this time.
 My deepest regret is that I didn't communicate more with Andy. He was such a great guy and good supporter.
Rest In Peace My Friend,
Eric Fabiaschi

"The Book of Love Is Writ With One Pen"
William Hope Hodgeson 


  1. Very sad news. Mr. Robertson was very kind and quite supportive of my Nightland art project. When our hard drive crapped out, I lost months of work. I'm re-building my Nightland images...but now it will be too late for Mr. Robertson to see them. I hope that the Nightland Site can be keep going--there's a lot of wonderful stuff there, all of it lovingly curated by a guy who really knew his way around Hodgson's work. He will be missed.

  2. Mr. Robertson was a very unique and kind person whose work and scholarship did more for the memory of William Hope Hodgeson then any else that I've known. There are others whom I believe will keep his memory and passion alive on the Night lands site. My thoughts and prayers are with the Robertson family at this time. Mr. Robertson was a rare and gifted scholar whose loss will be felt for years among the Hodgeson fan community.
    Very sorry to hear about your artwork and I understand about your artwork Garrison. The fact is that are many others besides me who will love and appreciate your artwork. Take a look at the Night lands blog and I'm sure they'll be happy to see any of your wonderful efforts as well as keep the legacy alive.


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