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Le Colony - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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The post apocalyptic Irradiated Florida is a much more dangerous place then the conventional state was. The beautiful beaches hold incredibly dangerous new monsters such as the thousands of Raptors that line the sky line.
They seem to be guided by an almost malevolent intelligence, these mutant horrors stalk, prey upon and kill certain individuals as well as adventurers along the Floridian beaches.
What or who is guiding these mutant predators?
Le Colony of course. Le Colony is a group of twelve jaded and yet powerful mutant psychics who control the flocks of Raptors across the Florida pan handle. Seeing through their eyes, using them as spies, hunters, and assassins these individuals use a combination of psychic gifts and super science to make themselves into minor warlords of Florida. 

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Le Colony are also information brokers, assassins, and sometimes hire parties for jobs. They often work through intermediates such as the Merc Works a group of mutant middlemen who front for a wide variety of mutant mercenary outfits such as The Zulu crew, the Everymen, The Psychotics, and many of the most dangerous mutant menaces in the New States of Altered America.

Below are a table of Random Jobs Available From Le Colony 

  1. The retrieval of an artifact of vast power from the Ruins of Miami. The job pays 100 gold and 20 pounds worth of relic trade items upon completion.
  2. Bounty hunting of a Mutant Underground Railworker for 100 gold pieces. She happens to be a pyro with a number of fire based mutations. Missing two weeks. 
  3. Robot retrieval an ecology bot with the terraforming data on the New Jersey chemical fields has fled into the Floridian Everglades. 200 gold and 30 pounds of trade goods of high status. 
  4. A young runaway of a local slave lord, this metamorph has the goods on his dealings with certain illicit traders. 400 gold pieces and no questions asked. Ruins of Miami Beach was this one's last location. 
  5. An esper with information on her mind of many of the East Coast brothels grabbed from the mind of one of the larger Mutant mob families. A bounty of 400 gold pieces is on his head and he's disappeared into the back city ruins. 
  6. A new mutant macro organism is threatening the well being of Sea Side a small beach side community and this thing needs to be removed and an offer 500 gold pieces awaits. 
  7. The Changer is offering 200 gold for the return of his latest experiment and possibly an artifact reward. The thing has vast mental powers. 
  8. A Neo Caravan with the latest in trade goods has gone missing along the Florida corridor and Le Colony is offering 100 gold pieces for information about it. 500 for the return of the caravan and its goods. Mutant raiders are suspected to be involved though. 
  9. A pirate ship has been spotted in the waters off of Florida and it is feared that they may be an advanced scout for a fleet yet to come. A reward of 600 gold is being offered for the destruction of the ship. 
  10. A Glide ship from up the East Coast with a Mutant VIP aboard has crashed into one of the minor bomb crater swamps of the state. A reward of 600 gold pieces for his safe return has been posted. 

File:Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport-roadway.jpg
Le Colony uses the Raptors as bio weapons and controls most of the relic air ports in the Florida area. Why is unknown but many adventurers have tried to penetrate the secrets of these ruins only to be found torn apart and their remains scattered as a warning to others.
With the control of the Raptors Le Colony is a force to be reckoned with and hardly any deals or salvaging is done in Florida without their blessings or knowledge. Yet nothing is known about their identities or future agendas for the state in the long term.

Find out more right over at Chris Van Deelen's Blog
No. Enc: 4d10
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 30’ (10’) Ground
                     300’ (100’) Fly
AC: 2 (6 on the ground)
HD: 7
Attacks: 1 bite or 2 claws (and special, see description), or 1 wing buff
Damage: 2d6 or 2d8 / 2d8 or 1d8 and special
Save: L7
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Chameleon epidermis, gigantism, increased senses (sight)
Source: Warbirds (2008)

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