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The Shine Of The Maze - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Do you hear something coming down this hallway? 

The wastelands of the post apocalyptic world are rife with oddities, among them are a series of luxury hotels that belong to a mysterious new group of super scientists known as the Mazeworks.
This group has used millions of gold pieces to fix up, update, and create some of the finest luxury accommodations that the world has seen. Though they operate mostly along the former USA and Canadian border. The Mazeworks also has operations in Rockies,South America, and even across the pond in the U.K. as well as parts of Germany.
These scientists entertain themselves by staging contests at their facilities that each houses a sophisticated hedge maze or underground borrow maze. Each of these mazes houses at its center a dimensional gate way to the domain of a breed of mutant Minotaur. 
The Mazeworks attracts the best and brightest wasteland adventurers and puts them up in rooms of the finest luxury. They are given every possible luxury and treated as  kings for the duration of their stay between 1d20 days.
At the end of which they will die at the hands of the mutant monster and their death is broadcast to the most jaded and discriminating audiences of the post apocalyptic world 
Warlords, wizards, cult leaders, etc. fill the coffers of the Mazeworks for the chance to be entertained in the fashion of kings. But there are far more sinister reasons for these vulgar displays of corporate bloodshed.
File:Longleat Hedge Maze (detail).JPG
Each of the so called ' Summer Kings' is placed in the maze and highly advanced holo/sim sampler recording devices take in every single detail of the combat, excitement, and drama of the events going on in the mazes. Often traps and energy weapons, mutant monsters are released during these events. Mazeworks provides holo/sim units to all of its clients enabling them to get right in on the action themselves as if they were the adventurer themselves.
Betting pools, survival bets, death rates, and survival celebrations are presented in addition to the Maze Events.
The U.K. events are slightly different with crews of adventurers released into Maze ruins across the whole of Britain. Gold, cash, and more are offered in communities across the whole of Wrecked Britain. Some of these events have become traditions where the best and brighest are offered up to the Mazework's events. 

File:The "wavy hedge maze" in Silvertown - - 1596712.jpg

Mazeworks has set up a series of test ruins where new traps, tricks and the like are tested out in the wastelands often with little to no explanation as to who or what is responsible for seeding such death traps in the middle of no where. Often times parties of adventurers will run across such facilities and fall into these death traps.

The Shine Behind The Maze  

Mazeworks is one of the most dangerous cabals of super scientists and corporate entities out in the wastelands today. Between their entertainment technology, beaming of their events, and their gate technology they have become legendary.

And they are nothing but a sham. 
File:Maze-01 Grueningen hedge maze 1576 (destroyed).PNG
Mazeworks is actually the front men for a group of highly intelligent Bullmen or Minotaur operating out of the grasslands of Transformed Canada. These highly motivated mutates have used the Mazeworks as a means of spying on potential enemies, gauging enemies, assessing strengths, and building complete profiles of the various jaded warlords, wizards,and mutants around the Ruined Merica and across the Polluted Pond. 
These mutates operate through a cabal of twelve super scientists who act on their behalf while under some of the most complex and dire mind control on Planet Earth. The warriors of the mazes are actually the criminals of their society who are sacrificed in the ancient fertility rites of their ancestors or so they think. The warriors are teleported into the maze and the fun begins.
The adventurers are weeded out as well from the human population for any potential trouble makers.
A spy network second to none is used across the planet to pick out suitable recruits for the games.
In the U.K. Mazeworks has worked itself into the background as one of the pillars of society by providing entertainment and escape in the post apocalyptic world. Ancient quasi religious traditions have been pieced together through ancient literature and marketing to form some of the most entertain bloodshed seen in eons on the soil of the country. All the while the Bullmen study, gauge, record, and move to curb the human herd one step at a time. 

So far the bull men's gold investment from their Canadian cattle empire is providing quite lucrative and plans to expand the operation will begin later in the coming year. 

More Information right over at Chris Van Deleen's Blog
No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 4
HD: 16
Attacks: by weapon or 1 ram, 2 claws and 1 bite
Damage: by weapon +3d6 (if melee), 1d12+3d6, 2d4+3d6 / 2d4+3d6 / 2d3+3d6
Save: L16
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: 1d3 primitive firearms and melee weapons, II, III, V, VII, VIII, XIV, XVII
Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism, natural weapons), increased physical attribute (strength), natural armor (modified).
Source: Monster Hunter International: Alpha by Larry Correia

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